Saturday, December 26, 2009


My chinese relatives from Singapore came: Granduncle Martin, and his wife, Grandaunt Nancy, Granduncle William with his brother and another accolade.We all gathered at Pak Su Jal's house in Tropicana for dinner.

On the menu:
1. lasagne 2. pasta 3. Mak Su's mashed potatoes with gravy and coleslaw 4. roasted (?) chicken. Pak Su jal made it according to Jamie Oliver's recipe. 5. Nenek made a tauhu dish, some vegetables and three fish dishes, I only tasted the salmon because I was full. For dessert, apple crumble with ice-cream.

I swear, I was so full I could barely walk. I just dozed off on the couch while the little kids played with my cousins' toys.

I forgot to charge my camera batteries, so I didn't take any pictures.

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