Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I got THIS!

I am tempted to spend hours on the computer to start downloading songs onto this baby, but of course, I wouldn't make progress on my homework if I did it. So, I had to surpress my music needs after SPM, then I wouldn't have to worry about anything else.
I have to start studying for my license test and my homework.

Well, anyway, here's a quickie on what happened yesterday.

Dr. M came!!!!!!

yet, he was so busy and people were like swarming around him, I couldn't get a picture with him.
his wife, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah was the VIP for the prize-giving. I won second place and got that ipod, and RM 300-worth MPH book vouchers.

The first prize winners got a sleek-looking Macbook. Oh, and the most essay participation was from MRSM Kuala Lipis. (Gobsmacked. Where are the SBPians?)

Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim was invited for the judges' statement, and these were some of his comments:

> on a whole, the judges were very disppointed with the quality of the essays (oh God) which was why the grand prize, a Chevrolet Aveo was to be brought forward as the grand prize for next year because nobody was exceptional enough to actually deserve it.

> the judges were also disappointed with the lack of participation from tertiary level.

> from the essay evaluation, not many entrants knew how to formulate effective conclusions due to the reliance on internet sources, which caused the essay to not be as critical as it should be.

He also commented that nowadays, Malaysian students undervalue general knowledge, and are unwilling to compete and easily satisfied with their achievement. He also said that the Malaysian university ranking has dropped, basically all the stuff he said previously during my interview with him.

Then, Tun Siti gave her speech. She spoke about the importance of writing skills in leadership because writing is medium that can be easily referred to for leaders to express their ideas even after they are gone.

All in all, it was an eye-opener for me, in terms of how the Malaysian education has taught us to merely regurgitate facts in our works instead of writing and thinking critically. I, myself admit that I am also heavily influenced by the Malaysian system.

Well, this is a sure sign that I should just get SPM done and over with and get the hell out of here. = P


Frankie Foo™ said...

Wah Kam,very the terror lah you!
haha :D
congrats dude!
SPM jangan lupe ok? :D


tahniah Kam. . U did a very good job dis year. . Tahun kegemilangan. . heheheh. . UIA open. . quarter finalist PPM. . n winning dis essay competition. . congrate!!!!! all da best 4 your next journey!!!

busymum100 said...


I am sure your parents are very proud of you! I know I would, if it's one of the kids - but that's not to happen *sigh*

Best wishes in SPM!