Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cleaning Out My Closet: My Works Of Art

my sock puppet from Year Six. I used to call him 'Black Guy'.


I dunno why I did this.

Characters from my Form Three drama

Aoshi, a samurai character that I used to draw for my comics. Shortlived ambition it was.

Gone are my scrapbooking days. These were from Year Six.

The only surviving art piece from form one, yeah I know it's a science school, people don't put much emphasis on art, so I simply lost interest. Gone are my story-writing and drawings. The only time I ever drew were doodles on my exam papers, or when I wasn't paying much attention to the teacher because I was sleepy or when I design bookmarks or dedication cards. FYI, there's five candidates for arts this year at my school. Best of luck for proving yourself.


Amirul said...

wow. i dunno u can draw. ahaks~

Al - Amin said...

nice drawing..nape dlm drawing Darien nmpek ensem, kt dlm drama x ensem?..ngeh3!!!
bile bab2 cleaning closet ni memg best,
sbb kadng2 barang y kita dh x ingat & dh lupa berkurun lamanya, jumpa blik..
kadang2 kite akn jumpe sumting y mlucukan, sbb kite jumpa bnda y kita buat dulu2 dan mengimbau kenangan lampau,
pastu kite pun akn tersenyum sendiri...hu3!!!