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I woke up at three in the morning with a terrible stomach ache. I was doubled over in agony and rubbed on some oil on my tummy. I tried going back to sleep, but I woke up again around 5 for potty. After that I had this nightmare. I was having my SPM exam in my own class, and it was flooding, but we had to carry on, anyway. Yeah, I waded through the worm-infested waters. (The horror!) As I entered class, the EST examination had already started and I was 30 minutes late. I tried finding my seat, but I could't find it, it was arrenged in a weird order, and those not taking EST were also in the same room, I was, like, what the h*ll??
When, I finally sat down, after feverishly finding my seat with my hands full with stationary and documents, I realized that I didn't have any pencils to blacken the answer. I started pannicking and got up from my seat to find my pencils at the back of the class where I put my bag, I dunno why the h*ll did I thought I would find it there. It was so cluttered that I had to rummage through the papers and books and who-knows-what, and I had trouble identifying my bag. When I finally found it and sat down, the exam was over and someone had already submitted my blank OMR paper. OMG. That was scary. It got me thinking, though, why EST? And why didn't I have the chance to answer it? First of all, it must have been paranoia. Second possibility is that maybe, I still remembered the online assessment thingy that I didn't have time to finish answering. Didn't I mention that the questions were a lot like EST?


syazaazleen said…
wow.. ade gak mmpi cmni;)

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