Friday, December 25, 2009

Cleaning Out My Closet: Clothes

Rahman shirts for four years, I didn't have one in Form 1. from left to right: form 2 to form 5

my class t-shirt for 5 Alpha

HKSBP Kebangsaan shirts: 2007 (Sakti), 2008 (Jenan) and 2009 (SSP)

HKSBP Zon Timur: 2006 (Shah Pekan), 2007 (Faris Petra), 2008 (BRAINS)

HK Arab at SBPI Jempol

Debate team shirt in 2008, the letters were supposed to be jet-black, but I bleached it by accident

sports t-shirt when I was in SMK Seri Keramat

UIA shirts for 2007 and 2009

Baju orang bagi, the shirt from Muja and the pants from Jaja

School baju batik, the one on the most left is the one I had in Form one, missing kain, the middle in Form two, but had holes in it, and the one on the most right, lasted from Form three to today.

Caya tak?? That was in Year Two of primary school

my bedsheet from Form 1

my class t-shirt when I was in Year Five

okay. that's it for now.

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