Friday, December 25, 2009

Lambdarian Crew Part Three

The third and final installment of the Lambda Saga.

yes, those trying times of PMR.

Most of the previous Lambda boys have moved out, Yusri, Zaaim, Izzat and Afiq Cipop have all gone to Alpha, Adib, Zul cool, che asim went to Beta. So, Amin, and Pikem rejoined us. Dani and Faiz Ezani as well, and the rest remained the same.

At the beginning of the year, I was still getting used to the fact that Alia has gone to New Zealand, she wasn't with us, anymore.

I volunteered to shop for class decoration items, I was like so enthusiastic at that time, and all the decorations were planned with Amin and Che Dah. I remembered staying back in class in the afternoons, not just to practice my public speaking, but also to decorate the class. We had to cut out sunflower petals from yellow paper and stick them to black disks. Then these sunflowers will then be stuck onto the walls. It was a lot of fun, and satisfying to see the results. Our rivals at that time was Delta and Alpha.

that year, it was a bit tough, because we were always compared to gamma, and most of us were still problematic. The most memorable lessons were with Teacher Rozie, haha, not that I remembered much of what she taught, but it was due to the fact that she always ended up lecturing us on morale rather than teach grammar (yay). She always said that in terms of social relations, Lambda was better than Alpha (YAYY!!!!!!!!!).

PMR was a bit turbulent for me, but it turned out okay. I did a lot of mischief this year, yep, that's right even though I was the only female prefect in my class at that time, shock, horror!

The most memorable one was after PMR, the drama competition, I did a few posts on it previously, and I'll update this blog later to put the links to those posts.

well, I know my posts seem a bit mundane lately, I haven't the mood much to blog. I'll update later when the mood comes....


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