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Alphanz refers to the class of 4 Alpha and 5 Alpha. For three years I have stayed in Lambda with the same girls, and for the next two years I have stayed with the same girls and the same boys. Yep, of course Alpha was less eventful, and MORE QUIET than Lambda. I can swear ever since Form one, the Alpha class has its reputation for its quietness, and the only sound heard was the fan spinning. If you were in that class, not studying was a crime.

With that reputation, people were often afraid or uncomfortable to go to this class. Yes, I was in that class for two of the final years. Thank God for Muja and Hanani who were the 'louder' bunch. I really enjoyed when the tables was arranged in groups in 5 Alpha, me, Hanani, Muja, Jannah, Nora and Amy were grouped together, and we called ourselves 'Block Kewangan' because Amy was the treasurer.

At first, when I entered 4 Alpha, God dammit. I HATE that class very much. It was too quiet, and I hated the boys because they thought they were too cool to speak to the girls, there were a few who were friendly like Izzat, Mat Luk, Che Bak, Syakir, Faris, Aiman Naim, Shaolin. A majority of them were well, jerks, no offense. And there was this GENDER DISCRIMINATION thing going on, which I really hated. And the girls, even though they weren't even close to the boys, were so hell-bent on menjaga hati and keeping them satisfied, another fact for my distaste is that boys ruled the rankings. Yeah, but I could live with that because I love the competition, the problem is, that the guys keep to themselves and it is very weird if a girl asks a guy a question. Even if you did do so, they would half-heartedly help, unlike Che Bak of course.

The girls, on the other hand, mostly consisted of BPI's and most of them were the same girls from Alpha. So, a majority of them were classmates for five years. Yeah, I was less naughty, but not exactly nice either. hurm..what am I to say about the girls? hmm..They seem to accept the fact that they were the 'lesser species' in that class. Sometimes, they were too hell-bent on keeping other people satisfied and obsessed with 'menjaga hati' and there were times when some of them 'terasa hati' and have to change decisions and stuff like that. Divided decisions, mengumpat, all the regular stuff that girls do.

Anyway, what I hated in 4 Alpha was that the teachers were always angry with us because most of us were active and were often out of class, especially the prefects. Another reason was that we were always late. The boys especially, yeah I know I got in late sometimes, but the most ketara are the boys, even until Form Five. The re was the'infamous' Blok Pentadbiran members, they're not really bad people, but we don't really know, do we? But it is better to give them the benefit of the doubt, but since we were supposedly the 'first class', when members of our class were involved in disciplinary cases, especially 'jump', the attention is drawn on us, and we were known as the Alpha class that were not like the other Alpha classes in the years before.

some teachers complained that we were unresponsive, always sleepy, lifeless, rude and 'agah'. Labels that were not that nice to hear.

The problem with that class is that teachers have high expectations of us, yet they sometimes complain that we were no fun to teach, and much preferred to teach the lower class. we do get confused on how to act, and on what the teachers want from us.

Another reason why I have a distaste for that class is the fact that most of them were involved in 'cheating'. I know, I have cheated before, but I realized it was wrong and I stopped, but those people just never learn.

And sometimes, I have to agree that these people in my class do have an attitude problem. I know my temper is not always mild, but still, in terms of  courtesy, social relations, something still lacked in some of us some how, I just don't know what it was.

In 5 Alpha, we were still compared to other classes, which was also not a nice thing to hear, especially with 5 Beta (Betasweet Symphony), 5 Kappa ( Kappaband), 5 Delta (Deltawall), 5 Lambda (Lambdaland) and 5 Gamma (The Gammas).

We weren't as close, (honestly, I didn't want to be any more intimate with my classmates beyond adversaries and social acquaintances) so, the Dabong trip was organized. Some of us were closer, there was a positive change, although a little. Zaaim, Rafiq and Faris turned out to be okay, and I started talking to Miyo and Hisyam. I was okay with Pok Jat due to debate. Nije was okay. The ones that I still wasn't comfortable with were Mat Rong, Shahrul, Hafizie, and a few others that I'm too lazy to mention. well, at least I don't hate them much now, but I still don't feel close to you guys, sadly.

hurm, truth be told, I don't really feel that emotionally attached to my own class of two years, not to say that my classmates were very terrible people, but there simply wasn't any magical 'spark' between us. Not that I don't appreciate you guys. there were strengths and weaknesses in each one of us. Yes, I will miss the selective few people who have had many 'adventures' with me, you know who you are. ;)

yes, I know this sounds like a complain post, and I shouldn't do this because school's out. Let this be a lesson, life is never fair, and it is full of different people. what we want is not always what we get, and life out there is tougher. Anyway, thanks guys for the life lessons.


Cik Guli said…
hahahaha. i dun knoe y dear. but ur stories seems reflecting my own. hehehehe.
sama la sayang. 97 percent of ur story sama gla seyh. haha.
couldnt help laughing after reading yours.o yeah. the class full wit the nerd.. not studying is a crime... the sound of fan spinning...making noise is a crime.. talking to guys is also a risk...responses to teacher is abnormal.... hahahahaha... i was attached to this kind of classes for 4 years. the only active class i ever had was when im in form one. during f2, i started to endour those horror nightmare.its hehehe. n i was a blacklisted member. cause im noty. hehehehe. im an alien of that class. anyway, f2 classes was still oke as there r still few noty member lyke me. hehehe. but getting into f3 is pretty hectic lorhh. . n f4.. n the most craziest was during f5 larh... huhu. anyhow, at the end of the year those book alien was geting active and could understand jokes finally. hahaha. maybe because this is their last year kowt being in class.... the only one who doesnt change is meee. hehehe. i dun cre. i am whut i am. ;)
Nana said…
yep. u said it. ;)

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