Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Random Photos

I don't bother elaborating much, besides if it were an individual post, it would be too short. Otherwise, I'm just too lazy to elaborate, it would definitely sound report-ish since I'm not really emotionally attached much to the events that follow. Damn delayed post if you ask me.

First up is the collaboration with MARA PC on Biology phase 1.

Next is phase 2

next picture is from the discussion with Syed Putra. God, there were so many discussions, especially during my time as a prefect. I got so sick and tired of it!

p/s: I'm trying out the new updated blog post editor, so it my posts may not look as pretty because I'm still getiing used to it, but man I love the huge-sized pictures, although it does make the page look a bit crowded. hmm..

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