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Lambdarian Crew Part One

I haven't much pictures from this class, I have yet to have a camera of my own at that time. I actually felt bad about my previous post because in a way, it is a bit like badmouthing people, but I tell it as it is, that is what I feel and what I think, and yes, this is a place to vent, but bear in mind, they're not really bad people la.

So today, I'm going to post about 1 Lambda.

Brace yourself, it’s another long one.

It all began when one fine day during the mid-year school holidays, my ma said that pa could get me a space at SMS Kelantan, yep, that was what she said. It was about a few weeks after my grandfather died. So, at that time, I was already comfortable at Seri Keramat, and I never thought of moving away, because I gave up hope on getting into a boarding school, and yes, Kelantan was far away, and I'm a little intimidated by their dialect, culture and fitting in. yeah, I know, anywhere I go, I'm always the oddball, but the initial bit of introducing yourself, smiling away, that's tiring. Plus, at Faris, you can't go on about minding your own business, you have to take into account of the consequences of your actions, and people want you to mind what other people thought of you. That sucks, big time.

So on 15th of June, I reached the school, because I previously took ERT at Seri Keramat, they placed me in 1 Lambda. I thought by coming to that school, I wouldn't have to learn Arabic anymore, and was kind of hopeful they'd give me French or Japanese, but well, I ended up in an Arabic class. previously at Seri Keramat, I was in the kelas aliran agama, 1 Akmal. Which means that it was compulsory for all the students in that class to take Arabic for PMR, and had a special exam for Kemahiran Al-Quran. So, we had to hafaz five surah in Form 1 and a few more throughout Form 2 and Form 3: Al-Ghasyiah, Al-Insan, As-Sajdah, and I can't remember the rest, besides tarannum, tajwid and history of the al-Quran. I accomplished in memorising the full As-Sajdah, but now I have forgotten, which is kind of rugi. In Seri Keramat, the Ustazah, Ustazah Farha was in a rush to finish the syllabus, so we were already more than halfway through the textbook, and yes, I got a C for Arabic and was the worst back then.

However, when I got to Faris, it wasn't a rush, and they only just finished a few chapters, and the Ustazah at that time, Ustazah Noraziah had this special class for newcomers, me, Alia, Jaja, Anis, Syazwan, Izzat, were there any others? I could'nt remember. So, she taught us the arabic numerics, a few basics, and I could finally catch up with the class. I remember the way Ustazah told us to count in Arabic, it was so hurm... kiddyish, haha.

So, I came to this school, and most of my friends in KL haven’t actually heard of it (long name), some of them even thought that I was going away to some MRSM in Terengganu.

Anyway, there were six of us, I think, fourth-intake Form 1 students; I didn’t even have an offer letter! At that time, it was me, Syazwan, Alia, Jaja, Anis, and Farah Wahidah. Farah got into 1 Alpha, Jaja in 1 Beta, and the rest of us were in Lambda. On my first day, I met Kak Renna who was assigned to show me around, she was wearing a scout uniform at that time, yes, it was a Wednesday. The first class I entered was ERT at the ERT room, Cikgu Aidah asked me to introduce myself and asked what was my feeling when I came to this school, I said that I was happy because could escape from my siblings. Hahaha.

I remember the girls: Gie, Sue, Mek Sah, Aimie, Jinah, Che Dah, Aina, Eppa (assistant monitor), Shatilla, Adilah, Anis, Alia, me and Amrina (who left later in the year).

The boys, I’m not sure if I remembered everyone: Syakir, Amin, Jepun, Nije, Pikem, Piktah, Gedak, Syazwan, Najib, Khaire, Faiz Boss, Zaaim, Aiman Naim (monitor), Che Asim….mmm…..who else eh?

At first, I sat beside Shatilla, in Amrina’s place. Then, I sat beside Alia, by the door at the back of the class, behind Gie and Sue. It was a good place, because I slept during Maths and Agama without the teachers noticing. It was the first time I ever slept in class! I wasn’t like that in Seri Keramat or in sekolah rendah.

Alia Abdullah was an interesting person. She showed the class some of the pictures when she went to Britain in her younger days, so she speaks English with a British accent, and she had such a ‘manja’ voice that people will always remember her for. She always had stories to tell, and we would all listen. During outings, she would always invite us to her house, me and Jaja.

Then, on Thursday night, we had our first Usrah (for Form 1 and Form 2, conducted by Form 5 BPI in the first half of the year, and Form 4 BPI n the second half), all the fourth-intake students had to introduce themselves. It was the first time I spoke in Kelantanese dialect after so many years, the last I spoke was when I was a toddler because my Grandma ‘Mek’ took care of me for two years. At that time, it sounded really weird, I know. Nafis laughed at me when he heard it at the one time when Faiz, he and I were on the same flight back for Nuzul Quran holidays. That night, in the middle of Usrah, all the new students were called to the principal’s house. He asked us whether we were ok or not, but most of us didn’t talk much at that time. We had tea and crackers, I couldn’t remember what else we talked about, but then we were sent away.

The Usrah wasn’t over yet, it began after Isya’ at the musolla, and ended around 12 something usually. The BPI’s would give religious advice, and ask us to copy stuff…yeah..

Anyway, the first few weeks, I didn’t even slack around, I did my work all the time during prep, not chatting much, at that time, I had the Science folio to finish and well, I was way behind in Maths, the teacher gave work on integers and algebra. I swear, during the topic test I got 4 correct out of 20, 30 (?) something questions. I was so bad in Maths because I didn’t get the integer and algebra thing. It was a miracle I got ‘A’ for Maths at the end of the year. It was a miracle too that I got an ‘A’ for Arabic, and yeah, was the best student with Hakim at that time.

I remembered the first interclass debate Amin was third speaker, Aiman was PM I think, and Syakir the second. Their first match was against Gamma, I think, and then they proceeded with a match up against Delta, and Lambda won. Ever since then, the trio had been debating all the way till Form 5.

I participated in the pidato competition in conjunction with Merdeka celebrations. Man, I was terrible, what was I thinking at that time? Then, It was the English Fun Night, our class was to do the poem Monsoon History, so some of us recited the poems, some of us dressed up. I had fun doing the costumes with Amin and the gang. I recited the first verse of the poem. Oh yeah, and we had our practice at the garage at the side of the hall after Asar.

In Form 1, people were still main kejar-kejar, doing naughty things, being noisy. Gedak would tease Jinah and they'd start chasing. gedak was also another interesting character, he liked to make stuff. there was once he made a stick and a hat and pretended to be an old man. He also made a head out of paper and put it on a stick, then it ended up on the roof, somehow!

Jaja always came to my class at that time, we were like so close together. Even until Form 3, we'd send letters to each other. I still keep them.

I also remembered that when I was in Form 1, I didn't know how to do my chores, I burned holes in my tudung ( all the more reason I could go outing! ;-D ) My first outing letter was written in English, and me and Alia went to ask for outing from Cikgu Abdullah the PK HEM, more affectionately known as 'Mr. Dol'. We'd return to class with triumphant looks on our faces because he approved, and then, everybody else would start asking for outings as well, haha.

I didn't know how to iron my clothes, so at times, I went to school with wrinkled clothes, God, I must have looked damn funny. I washed my clothes everyday because I only had two pairs of kurung at that time. And I washed by wearing the yellow rubber gloves. Ma also sent me a lot of letters to give me tips on self-management.

I was like a freak show or something because I spoke in English, and people spread the most ridiculous rumours ever, like my dad was the town mayor or something like that. Some even went off to completely outrageous by saying that my parents were getting divorced and my mum was converting back to her religion, which was not islam. I mean, h*ll, what is wrong with you people?? Rule of thumb here, never underestimate the power of girl gossips.

It was a rocky year for me, but luckily, I got through it okay.

Lots of good ole’ memories. Haha.

(to be continued..)


Me, interesting? Hohoho.
Nana said…
lol. semestinya.

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