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Lambdarian Crew Part Two

Well, it has been a few days since I last blogged, lost the mood to do so, and I have been a bit busy. The Sime Darby interview was alright. I made it past the group interview, but wasn't sure how I did for the online assessment, people have been asking me how it was, and I tire of explaining it. haha

So, anyaway, today's post is about 2 Lambda.

This was known as the Gorgon Era.


because there was this group of girls who were so tight, and they did the craziest things together, some of which sometimes teetered on the thin line between the Law and Outlawed, or are just plain loud.

At that time, the girls were divided into two groups, the Goody-two-shoes, and the Gorgons. For the record, I belonged to neither, I was a lot closer to the Gorgons, although I did not participate in their escapades, well, (sometimes I did), because I was close to Alia and sat next to her.

They earned the title due to a group of Form Five boys, who later we called 'power rangers' since gorgons were enemies of the power rangers in the show.

One of the worst yet jeers we ever had was the one orchestrated by 4 Alpha at that time, they pasted a piece of paper on our classroom door proclaiming, "BEWARE OF GORGON". so, in a fit of temporary rage , (yep, this was the year I started to have emotional issues) I ripped off that piece of paper and shredded it to bits.

I could imagine the Form two block, block D, the block furthest away from the dormitories, close to the water tower and camping site, and now adjacent to the new computer lab, it was  the noisiest block yet. Well, you could understand, form Two is a honeymoon year, and we were all just getting comfortable with our group of friends and we start to experience things together, the good and the bad. Compared to Form One where we were just getting accustomed to the new culture, and was still awkward with each other.

Form Two was the age of discovery, and some of us from Gamma and Lambda discovers 'the dark side'. At that age, there came Tok Cha's gang in Gamma, who were the loudest, most cheeky and naughty group of boys, up till form three, after Tok Cha, Che' and Hazwan Hariz left.

It was the age of games and play, and one of the busiest year yet, since I participated in many events. First up was choral speaking, I was the only form two at that time, with the rest of the team were form four girls. And then there was the horrifying golf competition. Next was public speaking, I was first introduced to Teacher Rozie. Aiman was supposed to participate, but he pulled out. I won second place for QIT, and for HKSBP, well, I didn't get anything, I was still too stiff. At that time, the BM representative was Syau and the event took place at Shah Pekan.

I remember there was one night Teacher Rozie had invited me to see the debate practice in hopes that I would pick up some of their speaking skills. At that time it was conducted in the band room with Muja practicing her singing at the same time. The debaters were Kak Ainul, Kak Zahra, Faruq, Mirul and Faisal.

Of course, not to forget Street Smart Quiz with Nafis and Hakim, whom I had just got to know. Both were very quiet. Later in the year was KWN.

Back to 2 Lambda, my classmates at that time were: the same girls sice there were only twelve candidates who took ERT, so we could'nt change classes. the boys were: Izzat, Afiq cipop, Azmiesham a.k.a. ayoh/tuo, khaire, najib, yusri, che asim, syazwan, jepun, piktah, haiman, zul cool, asif, razman, hurmm..can't remember who else..

For the English classes, Alpha, Delta and Beta were divided into three classes based on their performance, which were Aspiration, Brilliant (?, I think) and Confidence. For Gamma and Lambda, it was Appreciation and Benevolence. Even for sports, it was always Gamma and Lambda on the same day.

I don't remember much that happened in class, because I was most of the time, out of class, but not as often as I was in Form four, I remembered that my Maths was still not very good, but there was improvement. Arab was nice, because I scored 100 once in a topic test, come one! it was based on a topic in the text book, and I happened to read that particular topic by chance.

the teacher teaching Arabic was Ustazah Noriah, and she was a delightful character, always wearing matching clothes with her shoes and handbag for the day. Later on, Ustaz Azhar replaced her, he was the new ustaz. we usually asked him to allow us to go to the masjid during his period, because it was always the single last period for the day, and we could have our zohor prayers right away and return to the dormitories earlier than other people.

Those were the good times, ever so carefree..


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