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Kind of a recap and reflection, although to be honest I find it hard to distinguish events in the winter of December 2012 and January 2013 due to the way the academic year works in Canada.

This year I have :

1. learnt a great deal about living with people, what with all the house drama
2. tried out for a job interview, hopefully my next experience would be getting a job and earning my own money itself. to be honest, I'm pretty scared, but I'm taking baby steps.
3. I looked for a new house myself. I had it easy in first year and now I get a taste of what it's like figuring things out on your own
4. finished off second year and found out that third year really is as hard as they say. even though I tried my best to plan things I still ended up with 5 exams in a row, that was the least I've slept all my life. It really made me work hard.
5. finally missed home after a full 2 years being abroad
6. found the experience of returning home and coming back to Canada to be, literally, a perspective changing one. Sometimes, you just need to go home once in a while to put your experiences abroad in context and see the bigger picture of how it also affected the people close to you, and what changed or stayed the same along the way. I came home not really the same person and I left home again an even more different person.
7. I touched cadavers cuz I'm learning anatomy. Dear little me of the past, you got your taste of what medicine is like.
8. I actually signed up for SELECT. which is really out of character considering how much I was adamant on not participating in anything.
9. I felt a little empty, maybe a little doubt of how I'm living my life, I tried to rediscover my passion for drawing and poetry, try out new things to hopefully, make my experiences a bit more rich. I haven't exactly found what I'm looking for, but at least I started the search.
10. I find some improvement in trying to understand people around me.
11. I freaking made nasi lemak, onde-onde and butir nangka for the first time.
12. I read at least 3 books, which is an improvement compared to last year, but still far from my old bookworm self.
13. I made a proper snowman. Two, actually, one in Guelph, and one at my new house in Hamilton. and I went to the Warplane Museum.

and that concludes, 2013.


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