Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Is Where It Gets Boring

Actually, my blog has been quite boring for quite a while.

Oh well, after this Imma be a nerd, so it gets more boring from here. Anyway, these are my uni choices for application:

OUAC (Submit this Jan 16th):

1. McMaster for Electrical & Biomed Engineering
2. Toronto for Electrical Engineering Biomed Option.
3. Ottawa for Biomed and Mech Engineering.

Application Fee Waivered & Faris Petra-related Documents Submission done:

Carleton for Biomed and Electrical Engineering

Outside Ontario:

1. McGill for Electrical/Computer Engineering or Mech Engineering (Submitted)
2. British Columbia for Electrical Engineering (not submitted. tunggu bulk application instructions from Taylor's. Deadline Feb 28th)
3. Alberta for Electrical Engineering with Biomed Option (not submitted. deadline May 1, I think)

Most of their IELTS requirement is band 6.5 and above except for McGill which is 7.5, and for engineering programs, minimum average is 80% and above, except for Ottawa which is 70%.

McGill, UBC, and Alberta all offer Biomed Engineering Masters program, but not for Bachelor.

I'm betting UBC, Toronto will be very competitive. Many are also applying Carleton and McMaster. McGill definitely has high standards. Many are applying UBC for the Vancouver lifestyle.

There are also those who apply New Brunswick and Dallhousie. Those definitely has smaller student population and lower requirements and would be nice places to live.

Queens and Windsor are also popular choices as well as Ryerson and Western Ontario. Ryerson definitely has a lowww average requirement, but my senior advised me against going there or to Simon Fraser because they're not as good.

I don't know what are my chances, but for sure, I have to WORK MY ASS OFF this second Sem and graduate with an above 90/92 average.

Gosh, and I owe Miss Chin 6 essays, and I don't know what the questions were. =.="

Physics, dear God. Calculus and 4U too. IELTS.

I don't care much about the lifestyle at any of the unis, I don't care whether the uni is in the countryside or in the city, because, what's for sure, it will be different from Malaysian lifestyle, regardless of wherever it is in Canada and it's not like I can't travel around Canada during my hols right? So, put me anywhere and I think I can survive. I have to survive.

I care more about the course structure and quality. Whether it's interesting and flexible and I can get around it to do stuff that I'm interested in. And of course, if possible, whether or not I can find ways to finish my degree early.

Future post would be deadline reminders for applications and document submission as well as what documents to submit.

2nd Sem. Bring it on.

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