Sunday, July 03, 2011

Crazy People United

It's okay to admit your crazy, or you're weird, because here in CPU, you feel right at home, because people just accept you for who you are. I believe the CPU experience is worth sharing.

If you feel like you don't belong in the school system, there's always something that you're rebelling against, be it, the rules or the dress codes, then come on board CPU. Really, there are no rules. You can be all that you can be.

For some reason, CPU has been a short, yet thought-provoking journey for me, and I've discovered a lot more in CPU than I ever did about myself, about the society as compared to high school.

So, what is it about CPU that makes it so awesome?

1. No uniform policy
You can just go to school in your jammies, and nobody will say anything. You can even go there with zero fashion IQ. In fact, here in CPU we have Dress Up Week, with different themes on different days for the whole week. The fact that there's no uniform, you can easily express yourself, well-suited to your individual personalities. Those who love fashion, those who love comfort, and the likes. It also creates diversity and color. Like, when everyone's wearing uniform, it's an eyesore and drabby to look at, and people are conditioned to embrace "Sameness" (I'm borrowing a term from Lois Lowry's The Giver, I don't have a better term for it).

Dress Up Week 2011. It was white day, I turned up all-black. The rebel that I am.

The whole White/Black line up.

Sign Board Day Dress-Up Week 2011

My wife

My ex-husband

Hairol and his harem

who'd ever thought I'd be in a tent huh?

Twins day, we're triplets. Gambar ni macam iklan koteks.

2. The opportunities to express yourself

Well, there's lots of stuff going on at CPU, you're free to set up your own clubs, and there's stuff like international dialogues, world issues discussions like Hear Us Out, interfaith dialogues, and musicals.

I mean, I'd never thought I could sing in public. 

The whole crew


John Smith and Pocahantas

Bohemian Rhapsody

Wouldn't It Be Nice

I'm a Spoon. That's not a shiny toilet seat that I'm wearing.

I met my golf buddy, Ping

Appreciation for Ms C, Ms Lindsay and Mr. Suschkov

Curtain call

My short stint with L.I.V.E.

3. The curriculum and the lecturers.

To have an idea what the first few days feel like, click here.

Lots of derivation of formulas. I could do Trig better in CPU than I ever did in high school.

My first Maths project

The Pagoda

There's a LOT of workload for English, but the things you learn are more meaningful. You really think deep about the darkness in human hearts, oppression and religion. and yes, the ISU is the major project, and yeah, there are countless times I break down, but I got through it. 

Believe it or not, this was our English Test.

Yes, Mr. Wise, I did your homework, even over dinner. The English ISU here.

about our English video here

and I'm glad to have met Mr. Wise. He really knows how to make your hard work feel appreciated, and his views about parenting, and women sometimes reminded me of my mom's, because I found their views almost similar. 

Hamlet Act 1 Scene 4

Hamlet Act 1 Scene 5

Physics and Chemistry is almost the same as high school, but there's also new stuff. and I'm thankful to Mr. Tan who instilled a love of Physics in me. Who'd ever thought?


Our Rube-Goldberg project

AEA punya

Going crazy

Malaysian Studies Vid


Me and Amne Chem-whoring

Mr. Singh. My Computer Science Teacher. Don't be fooled. He's Canadian. and a big Disney fan.

I liked the CPU system of 70% coursework and 30% exam. It requires you to be on your feet at all times, and not as much pressure at the final exam. Everything is counted, so you feel that everything is worth your hard work. The projects are also fun, and so unlike the Malaysian system, which is a breath of fresh air!

and......The good-looking lecturers to boot!:

Pictures of my classmates throughout CPU:

Calculus with Ms. Joanne


Chemistry with Mr. Andrew

Advanced Functions with Ms Nicole


The Last Day in CPU:

me and Nawwar going crazy

Gaya sloth

these edited ones are from Azrin.

And the other stuff in CPU:


my adik. Thanks a lot, Akmal. even before masuk Taylor's lagi you've been a big help, and you've helped me through Physics. I really like your down-to-earth nature and approachability.

Delicious rojak

Ayu belanja


I'll keep this updated with more pictures and more reasons to love CPU from time to time. we'll be back with more. Some of the pictures are from my own camera, and some of it, I stole it off Facebook, from Nawwar, Azrin, Bob, and many others. :p

CPU vid by Ezzah:

more CPU promo vid, from Taylor's:

Our Yearbook in video:


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Cool Great Awesome Nice ~!

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Nana said...

Jimmy, it's possible la. Make sure keep up with all the assignments get as much marks as you can before the finals and you'll be fine.