Saturday, August 28, 2010

of Flies and Machines

After many many headache-inducing affairs of the Lord of the Flies trailer production for English3U, I sort of got it done, I posted it on youtube, I'll put it on my blog once we presented it to the class first.

Anyway, here are a few shots of the filming:

the "shoreline"

the first assembly. see how 'manly' the manner I'm sitting in? hahahha. I'm supposed to be Jack.


ouuuyeahhh..Golding was right about the face-paint effect. I hardly felt any shame for what I was doing in public. Savage man.

dancing around a "fire". I'm dancing with a mop stick.

"killing" simon

Ralph and Jack face-off..those bars were from my apartment clothes stand thingy.

It took me one night and a whole day to get the editing done. I have never used the moviemaker at all in my life, the first time I editted it, the file disappeared. but alhamdulillah, it's sort of done. The guy who was supposed to edit it suddenly ditched us.

anyway, I finished reading The Time Machine, my ISU (independent study unit) novel for English. It's not that bad, since it's quite short, I'm currently compiling notes from internet sources.

There are lots of new words. I should have written them down in my journal, oh well, I'd do that in my second reading. At least i have an idea what The Time Machine is about, but I have yet to choose the aspect to focus on. Theme? Character? but definitely not literary devices.

The read was interesting, very fast-paced. Lots of scientific theories at play and socio-political ideologies. Worth a read.

I haven't done my Advanced Functions and the two essays yet. argh!

anyway, here's part two and three of biology cow-heart dissection:

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