Thursday, March 03, 2011

Stuff To Do

I'm officially stressed out with assignments. Projects were not as many as this year last year, I only had my hands full with English. This year, I have to get all of this done before the March holidays:

1. Life of Pi essay.
2. Agama assignment, 7-page report and recording on 17th March.
3. Calculus project.
4. Physics Unit Test and picture of Rube-Goldberg base.
5. IELTS test for speaking and writing.
6. English Unit Test.
7. Agama final test.

I didn't know the Calculus project could take that long to do. Essay, grrhh. Agama, I don't know when to start on you, people have been busy. Physicsss.



Ariff Hafizi said...

good luck for the tests!

i came across life of pi, it looks interesting. thinking of buying it. ;) (tgk la kalau2 ada duit lebihh..haaha)

Abesa007 said...

good luck!