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Yellow Ribbons

it's been a looong time since I last blogged
and after a while, I found myself a need to blog!
The debate ranks ffrom UIA has arrived. Faris is at rank 44. I'm at rank 106 in the speakers' list with Zuhri Kamil of STAR at the very top.
Then, from UIA, I went straight to HKSBP Zon Timur in BAtu Rakit. I was sursprised I was champion for public speaking, but I figured that maybe the big competitors have already retired and finally gave me a chance for first.
Right now, I'm busy with the mids
I've recently read Darren Shan's Demonata Book Three: Slawter and Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters, borrowed from Farhan.
I didn't like Darren Shan, but Percy was great!! I love Greek Mythology, haha, one of the facts in the sudut maklumat of my Sejarah book.
I also read JAsmines On The 4th Floor, can't remember who wrote it, though. I borrowed it from Fatin. it was a like a typical local romance novel, very cliche'd and stuff, but the beautiful language and ethnic setting actually saved it from not being worth reading.
At the Kelantan Book Fest, I bought myself a book by PAolo Coelho, The Witch Of Portobello. It was..I should say, very sensual and religious. Deep and philosophycal. (hang on, did I spell this right?) A very interesting read. A marvellous class of its own.
During Grad day, I sembah da tengku mahkota of Kelantan, yeah, so did everyone else who got 8A's and the SPM grads. Kak Ah gave me a novel by p.J. Tracy, Dead Run..a thriller, which I haven't read yet.
now, I'm blowing my brains out on the RnD paperwork on the buah katak puru..
nana signing out.


ursistah said…
Hi, kak, do help me cuz I failed to become a prefect and now ma wants to try to get the teacher to make me a prefect even though she knows she's risking my dignity....

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