Friday, February 20, 2009

TOPSY TURVY all yer comments in the previous post, thanks fer all yer support...huhuhuhuuu
but I haven't had the chance to reply them, nor read them. I am now at the cyber cafe to POUR MY HEART OUT on my ToPsY TurVy life lately.

for Golf, I scored 68 for 11 holes on the first day and 125 for 18 holes on the second day. Yep, I still came out third, but I was on cloud nine with a single par on the first hole. hey, I know I'm being overdramatic, but it's my first par yet for a competition. That goes to show how bad I am, hahaha. Well, I'm not sure whether I made the cut or not to the nationals, but Madam seems eager for me to go to the nationals, but truth be told, there is NO WAY I'M GONNA MISS A WHOLE WEEK OF CLASS!!!!!!!! Plus, after the penggal holidays is my penggal exam, during the holidys is when I usually have to catch up. My Accountancy is on a low, and so as everything else. Hell, I quitted public speaking so that I could stay in class, and I did my best to reduce everything else so that I can stay in class and concentrate on my lessons, I do not want that plan to go awry.
I can't take the pressure of having to catch up all the time. I can actually go further without having to concentrate on stuff that I'm left behind in. It's tiresome, and physically and mentally draining. I don't want to be catching up all the time, I want to be steps ahead of other people!

hohurm..and that school wouldn't pay for my golfballs which costs, like, RM 9 for 100, and they expect me to go on intensive training. (this is not the latihan berpusat MSSM, mind you). lets see..RM 9 x 5 days, that's about RM 45 a week.

Okay, the new prefect's blazer has arrived, and everyone is to pay RM 50 for it, and I haven't even paid the RM 50 for the baju korporat or bush jacket, whatever that is..
Rahman another RM 50, and another RM 50 for my module.
Okay, here's what's ticking me off.... ohhoo..get ready for another complain post.

read the phrase carefully....

apparently, those people in my school define sports day as PARADING AROUND IN A BAJU KURUNG, IN LAYERS OF SILK; and CREATIVITY IS JUDGED BASED ON THE COST OF THE MATERIALS..(example: "what the hell do you expect me to do with a hundred bucks? you want our khemah to look like a chicken coop?" "no way, you have to dress up as the belle of the ball, as the naib presiden(I'm not the naib presiden, mind you) you need to look fabulous above the other naib presidens.") and what do you get??
Renting a pengatin baju songket for RM 150 plus accessories that you need to buy. Holy canoly, can you imagine paying RM 100 for a baju you can't even own, just to look grand for a day??

what the hell is wrong with you people, and I'm not allowed to wear t-shirt and tracksuits on a sports day??? I know that I do not participate in any sports events, but all that sweat and money. This is not RAYA to be celebrating in a baju kurung!!!!!!

It's absurd, I tell you, absurd. I don't expect anyone to think like me, yeah, I've been in this school for 5 years, I know they wouldn't, but at least, don't make me go with the flow. I hate bending to the beat of unpractical, unrational lemming-minded people. You're cool cos you're in with the crowd. perrghhh!!!

and please, markah keseragaman for the form five? satu hal pulak nak jahit2 costume special, why can't the criteria just be as long as mengikut tema??

I'm sick and tired of this!!!!

ahha, and can you imagine spending hundreds of ringgit, but the marks allocated for khemah are only 20 marks?? is it worth all that money???????

the marching and formasi platoons all being suffocated to death in a vest and wads of accessories, it's in the middle of the heat for God's sake!

school admins, set the budget, so that we wouldn't have morons comparing the PRICE of CREATIVITY for their own houses.

yep, and CORPORATE DAy was a disaster!!!!!

unfortunately, I have forgotten to charge my camera batteries, so I couldn't upload the pictures yet. oh, and this is what my dear principal KJ said about corporate day(the conversation was in klate, but I've typed it in standard colloquial malay):

KJ: semua nampak anggun hari ni (sits on the chair next to me in the dining hall)
apa perasaan pakai baju korporat. seronok tak?
Muja: (sitting opposite KJ) biasa je.
KJ: Biasa? pakai cantik-cantik rasa biasa je? masa Raya pun pakai cantik-cantik jugak.
me: yelah, memang pakai cantik-cantik, tapi takdelah sampai ada guideline nak pakai macam mana, sebab tu seronok.
our conversation ended there.

I despise corporate day, we are not even dressing in proper corporate wear, I mean, seriously...even the boys turned up in black shirts and striking stripes, looking all gothic and underground. you call that corporate?

ah well, I thought the school was a big fat pretense the first time I got here, now it has become a whole lot more materialistic, and a whole lot more pretentious and hypocritical.

like what my PK 1 said, "5-star toilets, but people still shit and don't flush."

okay, I don't remeber what else to type about, there were lots more things in my head, well, it's a release to vent in here.

I wanted to write a review on Aravind Adiga's White Tiger, a novel I've borrowed from Syakir, but I guess it will be at another time, I've lost my mood to do so, and I really need to get back to school. okay, till next time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


let me calculate the expenses for these two months alone:

already paid:
RM 140 for baju corporate
RM 40 for Rahman parade costume
RM 30 golf club t-shirt
RM 20 for two-month's golf club fees
oh, not to mention my flight tickets!

about to be paid:
RM 50 for Rahman t-shirt
RM 50 for prefects corporate clothes
blazer- high possiblity that we have to pay for our own
yuran sekolah for this year has not yet been collected
golf expenses
flight tickets

if I were to calculate all my previous expenses in the five years that I've been at this school, (I don't think I'll mention it yet, I'm at school and I'm subjected to time constraint) I can buy myself a house and a car, maybe? I am now in the access centre, trying to get the SEMASA magazine done. All my prep hours that should have been spent getting my homeework done is gone!

golf is next week.......aaarrgghhhh!!!!!!!