Saturday, October 10, 2009

Live Like we're Dying

Sometimes we fall down and can’t get back up
We’re hiding behind skin that’s too tough
How come we don’t say I love you enough
Till it’s too late, it’s not too late

Our hearts are hungry for a food that won’t come
We could make a feast from these crumbs
And we’re all staring down the barrel of a gun
So if your life flashed before you, what would you wish you would’ve done

Yeah, gotta start
Looking at the hand of the time we’ve been given here
This is all we got and we gotta start thinkin’ it
Every second counts on a clock that’s tickin’
Gotta live like we’re dying
We only got 86 400 seconds in a day
To turn it all around or throw it all away
We gotta tell ‘em that we love ‘em while we got the chance to say,
Gotta live like we’re dying

And if your plane fell out of the skies
Who would you call with your last goodbyes
Should be so careful who we live out of our lives
So when we long for absolution, there’ll be no one on the line


Like we’re dying (x4)


You never know a good thing until it’s gone
you never see a crash until its head on
All these people right when we’re dead wrong,
You never know a good thing till it’s gone


Like we’re dying (x4)



The best ever karaoke night ever, thanks to Teacher Norma who has a karaoke set at her house.

She invited all the Prinsip Akaun SPM candidates and her mentees to her house for a barbecue. We had roti jala and laksa and lots of other food...

I also watched Perfume that night with the Gamma boys and some of the girls. It was damn good, but a bit melodramatic, and I can't help but feel SAD for Jean-Baptiste Grenouille.

I didn't go to the other night's party..I don't know for what reason actually, I was kind of messed up, but hell yeah, it was fun at Teacher Norma's house. We looked at her collection of clothes. She didn't even have a closet for it due to the large collection.

I was fasting at that time and while waiting for berbuka, I was like 'melalak' with Au and Che' Muda and Haiman and Nani. God, banyak dosa aku.

and after watching Perfume, I sambung some more with the Alpha boys and Nani again at the karaoke. My, what a day. We came back around 1 AM

seriously, bnykla gune duit these few weeks.jamuan itu yearla, katakan..

so, what's next for me?


It's from 18th November to 8th December (UPDATED VERSION- please take note)

Day 1 (Wednesday, 18 Nov): BM 1, SEJ 1, BM 2
Day 2 (Thursday, 19 Nov): BI 1, BI 2, SEJ 2
Day 3 (Friday, 20 Nov): EST 1, EST 2
Saturday, Sunday void
Day 4 (Monday, 23 Nov): Maths 1, Maths 2
Day 5 (Tuesday, 24 Nov): PAI 1, PAI 2
Day 6 (Wednesday, 25 Nov): Add Maths 1, Add Maths 2
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday void
Day 7 (Monday, 30 Nov): Biology1, Biology 2, Biology 3
Day 8 (Tuesday, 1 Dec): Prinsip Akaun 1, Prinsip Akaun 2
Wednesday void
Day 9 (Thursday, 3 Dec): Physics 1, Physics 2, Physics 3
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday void
Day 10 (Tuesday, 8 Dec): Chemistry 1, Chemistry 2, Chemistry 3


Ya Allah, berikanlah aku petunjuk nak jwb SPM nanti
. Berikanlah aku ketekunan dalam belajar dan dalam beribadah kepada-Mu. Ampuni dosa-dosaku, dosa-dosa ibu bapaku, dosa-dosa guru-guruku. Amiiiin..