Thursday, March 13, 2008


I hate politics. I never gave a damn about it before this.
I used to think that it was all about stupid people running the country.
That was, until I came to know about Mahathir, the one and only reason why I have stayed faithful to my race that I endlessly criticised and despised al these years.
I've noticed a pattern in History of Malaysian politics. When it came to winning the election, it has always got to do with winning with the favor of other races.
why must it be so? it's as if the other races have the greater power over Malaysia.
c'mon! it's our country! its so pathetic that in each manifesto evryone semua macam nak mengampu each other. empty promises that supposedly will cater to every races' needs. even before merdeka there were more non-malays than there were malays, which made it necessary to gain favor from the non-malays to get votes.
okay, I admit it, I'm an ultra-Malay.i want nothing but the best for my people, despite my criticism. I'd rather not be any other race than malay, but at times, I do feel EMBARASSED for being a Malay. God, get a move on, you leisure-indulging Malays!!! Must you wait until the status quo be relinquished? must you sleep until Malaysia is colonised again, from inside out?? must you be second (or last) to these immigrants?
don't be blind, Brethren! Oh, dammit. i hate being in an all-Malay school, or a Malay dominated school. They are all sleeping with their eyes open! we certainly have not gained the ultimate power here, people. just because we're living in MALAYsia, doesn't mean our power will be absolute forever. times change and I'm honestly so disappointed that DAP won a lot, not to say that I am in total support of PAS or BN. but, please, the Malays should buck up a little before we become extinct or something. hold true to our values and revamp our attitudes. may the world be our oyster.

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