Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear Mr. Wise,

I am surprised despite the fact that my handwriting sucks and my work sloppy, you said that I'd worked hard. I really appreciate it. The reasons why I worked hard, although everybody else would say that English3U is not even counted in our final grades, well, for one thing, I actually feal greatly appreciated for a job well done. That's a good enough motivation to keep me going, aside from the fact that I do want to outdo others(which I have yet to achieve), and yeah, I see it as a practice run for English4U. I know you work hard to mark our grades, as well on you lesson plans, and it makes it a lot worth to work hard in your class. Yes, I complain while doing it, but I still do it. The fact that you're extending my dateline because of my 'hard work', makes me feel a tad bit guilty. I know I can't possibly do it tomorrow, I have Chemistry, but the fact that you're granting me that extra time, I feel overwhelmingly grateful, and guilty. I am so scared of underperforming for this second Unit. Yeah, I know I'm at 88, but I'd like to do better. Anyway, I appreciate your comments a lot. Thank you.


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