Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Just back in Casa Subang! Apprently overdosed on anime songs. huhu.

okay, here's the result of my mini poll on Facebook.

Kamilah Kamil okay..just a survey for fun..am I a KL-ite or a Kelantanese? I am born and raised in KL for 18 years of my life, yet I do not have great bearings in KL. My dad's a Kelantanese, and after five years in Faris (a boarding school in Kelantan), I am able to speak the Kelantanese dialect quite well. I still speak it frequent...ly, and yes, most my statuses are in the Kelantanese dialect. So, what's the verdict?

Ishaq Hakim You're a messed up Malaysian, in a good way though :)

Syuhadah Muhamad kelate~~~
ALi AshRaf kelate celup
Abdulmajid Muhamad jadi ore sie
Wolf Volkmar an amalgamation of urban & kampung entity
Mohd Nor Iqbal ‎1 Q?

Mkn budu x?

Stands 50% of ur klntnese traits.

...Maybe hahahaha
Kamilah Kamil i eat budu only in nasi kerabu. I don't eat budu with ulam because I don't eat ulam..huhu..
Mohd Nor Iqbal Anda merupakan rakyat kelantan yg memiliki kewarganegaraan yg sah.

Kamilah Kamil default language: klate
Wolf Volkmar default setting: mek KL (klate + kualo lupo)
//some parts have been ommitted due to irrelevence..haha, this is just for fun...

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