Saturday, December 11, 2004


I did not get into any Sekolah Berasrama Penuh. I checked at this URL .

I am not that disappointed but my parents were a bit disappointed - basically they try to get me out of the house ;-) . Ha..hahaha...

My Pa was SMSTMFP alumnae and he did try submitting application thru the Pengetua. And, my Mum was SSP alumnae and she also tried to get me into SSP. Well, both of them failed... Whooo hooo..

I wish my Papa would spends less time on alumni work. My Mum is not active in Alumni but try to help the needy students at SSP by contributing to their scholarship fund.

Hey Mum and Pa, the money should be better spent on me and my younger siblings - I have 4 siblings who need money, you know!.

p/s: From my search, only one kid from my school got into SBP at SMS Kuala Selangor.

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aRe-t said...


Hmmm..there were times in life that u wish ur papa spends less time with the alumni...i used to have that same feeling too..he spending less time with his students in school..that was until one day he brought us along with i know why there were times 'rezeki kami sekeluarga murah'...the time that they spent were for a good is not the amount of time that is is the quality time that u spend with him...we need to understand them...coz they are doing that indirectly for us, the children