Friday, March 09, 2007

True Colors

Hmm.. doesn't tan go very well with greens? I love this layout, seriously. For today, I shall comment on a few books that I have read. Well, I'm restarting my reading-slowly..
First one is a spy novel by Len Deighton. Not exactly fresh off the shelves, I just got it from my dad. Apparently, my first spy novel. Exciting read. A rarity among teenagers nowadays as they tend to read chicklits and romance. The secret of the effective plot is in the unfolding drama, the mind games and the treason. Beautifully crafted sentences. Hats off to the man.
Second is the local PTS published 40 Lukisan Hati. Malay romance novels are such a big woof. Amusing, really. Two best friends secretly 'crushing' each other..jealousy with the appearance of a third party..yaddyaddyadda..the same old bore.
Right now American Idol is on air on Star World. gotta watch. It's the holiday season. woohoo!! And for all those SBP students, HKSBP Zon Timur is in Faris this year! whoopee!

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