Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Downside To The Upside

Everybody's raving about this year's SPM result. It turned out the girl who was supposed to get 19A's didn't get 19A's after all! That poor kid! I'm better of taking 10 subjects and get straight a's for them than suffer the humiliation of a failed attempt to outbest Publicized Princess Amalina (another more ridiculously Publicized Princess is no other than Diana 'Ina' Naim of high-profile break-up with Mawi fame. Puhleaze! You people have to mind your own business- then again, other people's business is their business! How can an ex-fiancee of Mawi turn into an overnight artiste? Did she just cry her way to stardom?). Think of all the wasted time and effort. All the hard work of trying to foolishly out-do 'a record' that the kementerian so much prized. Can't 10A's propel you to a better future as well? I've seen students with 10A's (just) doing so much better than Amalina right now. So, what's with all that jazz of taking so many subjects? It's quality, not quantity. You should just concentrate on what's best for you, and make the most out of it. A saying once goes, "it's not about what you know (have,in this case, refering to the number of subjects you are taking for spm), it's about what you do with what you know". Think about it.

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