Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Car Owner vs.The Car Washer Attitude

suddenly, I have this identity crisis. Like Hamlet says, 'to be or not to be? That is the question."
Ever since my BM teacher, Cikgu Mat pulled a million-dollar brainstorming slot question at me: Are you proud to be a Malay?
well, I am left with no option than to say yes. I am a Malay. And then, he asked me, "why?"
well, on second thought, I don't really know. I haven't the foggiest idea, but then, why do I rave on and on, assuring myself that I am a Malay?
What is my purpose?
suddenly when I find myself in a 100% Malay situation, I tend to indulge in the worst of Malay-ism:
the car owner vs. the car washer attitude.
yes, there are successful people and people who have failed, they reason. but if everybody were to succeed, then who would fail? yes, there are people who own big cars and there are people who are paid to do the dirty work, washing the car, but that doesn't mean they own the car, do they?
why did these Malays let themselves be outbested by other races? why do they just want to lose and let other people get the better of them?
why? why did this attitude persist? this horrible mindset?
at school, the girls don't even make an effort to compete with the boys, just because the boys were more dominant in my class. they'd see me as a person who is just lunatically ranting on a lower grade compared to my male rival. what is so wrong in competing with a guy??
"you can't beat them," they say, "they're guys."
so what?? if there was one race that degrades the female species, it has to be Malayan females! they have this belief that no girl should be superior than the other, we are one, they say. yes, one in the rut!
we can do a lot better than this. I think that explains where I have learnt this pessimistic outlook- the Malay way of thinking itself
come on, people! look to new horizons, break the habit and make new frontiers!
it is not the world that makes the man, it is not the house that built the man!
discard this stupid mindset and get moving!
quoting Margeret Thatcher, "equality does not exist if one thinks that he is superior or inferior to the other"
think about it.
hell with the new economic policy, we wouldn't need it if everyone stuck to this quote!

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