Saturday, March 15, 2008


is it a blessing? or a curse?
I enjoy it, yet I despise it
what is wrong with me? do I have a mental condition?
I do not know why I couldn't enjoy anything at my school. It feels like a prison.
It forces you into these cocurricular stuff only because you are the only one who can. it has this mindset that, "okay fine, we can't make it with so many competitors, let's pick something that doesn't have many competitors and we can boast that our star player(the only player!) got third place(3 out of 3) for state level, and almost made it to the nationals."- MSSK Golf
if you read that statement without the words in the bracket, I bet most people would be awed with the achievement, but the ugly truth is that wretched school knows how to lull itself the sleep. I'm not a great player, then why did they set up this fake reality around me?
I am like the 'Jaguh Kampung'. What is the true measurement of an achiever? the best there does not mean that they are the best overall. they have to wake-up from that sleep, not dream, and they need a dose of exposure to the outside world.
other school debate teams have practice every week. why can't that damn school find time to have practice? why do I feel so restricted there, yet i feel that the rules are comparatively lenient even to day schools? i think, the restricting factor is, ladies and gentlemen, is the mindset. (again) make a change, people.
Ok, looks like it's good bye, blog. Till next time.

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