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Field Of Dreams

whoa...I'm fresh out of ATP rite now, haha, as if that's possible!
so much facts and so little time. I got loads off the net and have yet to print them.
If i did, I'd already have a pile, neatness not guaranteed, by the side of my bed.
a bit heavy to digest and despite the groing quantity, it is still not enough.
I have to find more at school, that is, if I can.
The ICT facilities there are not really satisfying. I mean, yes, there are plenty of computers, but in terms of usage, totally ineffective. If I wasn't tempted to the dark side by the friendster, I could have probably still enjoyed doing net searches like I used to.
Now it seemed like a drag! I still feel excited over the goldmine of information I got, but my interests were hindered significantly by the haunting thought, "how am I suppose to make time? there's no time! you got notes to read"
drat! If it were lower secondary, I'd easily aced it without even the need to do any revision at all. This is surely not a brag. I only did revisions to minimise careless mistakes and optimise merits.
seriously, I, no all students should be given the freedom and the flexibility to do EXTRA reading! people have to read! why must it only be limited to debaters only because it happens to be an inevitable obligation they have to fulfill?
where is the global awareness??
so, starting from today, I will now sow my seeds for the future like I have always done.
only this time, I have genetically altered them so that they are of better quality and hopefully, more prepared to germinate for a more promising tomorrow.


Ainul said…
hey there ;) i'm brain dead la...sorry if my points for the debate are terrible but i just can't seem to think i'll give you my take on the next motion later k? hopefully i won't be too late ;) gimme ur email address quick!
ursis said…
You're tagged! I repeat- you're tagged! If u wanna noe what a tag is, go to my blog entry 'tagged again' and copy and fill in the questionaire. i know it's silly, but just do it, OK?

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