Friday, March 28, 2008



and the likes..

no, I am not a victim of such labelling cases, although I was once deemed a 'know-it-all at primary school'. who gave the authority for people to label other people like that?
I strongly believe that classification by stereotypes limits any individual.
why can't everybody be in a class of their own?
I mean, if we tend to label people, it's like giving color tags to people. like in a library, the librarian would say to a toddler, "those books are tagged red. they're adult fiction. stay away from those"

and talking about fiction, I've recently finished reading another one of Syakir's novels, The Devil Wears Prada, yes, like the movie, only that I haven't seen the movie yet.
At a whole, it was totally funny and witty. sometimes, it does get a bit tiring to read about how poor Andrea makes her best attempts to cater to Miranda Priestly's impossible whims and impress her. It's a cliche'd rags -to-riches story with the small town girl making it big. filled with all things girly and perhaps the best chick lit I've read so far.

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