Thursday, March 13, 2008

Misery Business

yeah! the new song in my head! rock on, Paramore!
This frustrates me, where have all my beautiful posts have gone to?
Now I don't really blog much and all I could ever come up with are my rantings.
What's worse, most of them are not grammatically correct and my punctuations have all gone haywire. Have I not learnt language ever in my life??
In contrary to my sister's blog, yeah, she seems to rant a lot in it to, but I've never seen someone vent her anger so beautifully ever in my life, in a blog!
well, I could vent my anger in this blog too, if i wished, but I'd edit out the four-letter words I'd be tempted to display, and all that's left of it are just dry, cold, flat self-repeating words that my subconscious record-player would play again and again in my head like that new, okay, not exactly new, Paramore song, Misery Business.

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