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Outta My Head

I'm taking a break.
The other computer's a whack and so, I'll blog here instead.
I'll be ging back on Sunday
so, in the future I'll be blogging from a cyber caf, that is, if I ever get the chance
if not, I'll have to go dormant again, but I am a truly avid blogger
I get lost in the blogging world.

so, for his post, I'll be posting the pictures from my debate career
next year will be my final year

I'm torned between law and sciences
I'd love to continue debating for the rest of my lif, that would automatically make A lawyer being my future career choice,
but I'm so totally set for a biomed career cos I really want to bring something back to Malaysia to be shared and benefitted by all the people

but then again, there's the Bank Negara thing. I doubt that leadership is my forte'.
I'm really hoping my prinsip akaun would urn around, perhaps I will have a brighter career in finance and economics..

can't really decide yet,
I guess I'll have to strive it out first
see what I'm actually good at,
although I admit that I do want to be good in everything
haha, silly me, that's not possible.

any how, here are the pictures:


Kam f4
Nafis f4
Azrizal- my soon to be heir as he's the only f3
Hidayat f5
and Syafiri f3, next year's debater

This is with SAKTI, HKSBP SMSAH 08
FARIS as Government
Motion: THBT CCTV is necessary to build an ethical society
verdict: FARIS won

This is with SMS Lahad Datu
FARIS as Government
Motion: THBT Disposable Items Should Cost Double
verdict: FARIS won

The other match is with TKC, but we haven't a picture on that, nah, we're not sore losers, actually, but we lost when opposing on the motion THBT Tourists prefer good service to good amenities

This is with SBPI Selandar
FARIS as Opposition
Motion: THBT Parents Should be held liable for underaged smoking
verdict: FARIS won
this is the only match in UIA Interschool debate 2008 that we actually had pictorial memoirs


Debaters UIA:
Kak Ainul
YB Mirul- Gothic Boss, l.o.l.
Kak Fikah

Debaters HKSBP:
KAk Ainul
YB Mirul
ABg ARief
yours, truly

This is with SDAR at HKSBP SAKTI 2007
FARIS as Government
Motion: THBT GLobalization Benefits All Nations
Verdict: FARIS ..lost! me as PM, I set the wrong case, haiyaa!!

This is with SEMESTI, the first time I met up with Frankie
FARIS as Opposition
Motion: THBT English is necessary to succeed in life
verdict: SEMESTI won, I was researve for this one

This is with SMSTJ
FARIS as Government
Motion: Internet Is The Best Thing That has ever happened to MAn
verdict: FARIS won

This is with SMK St. John, they were really good! The first time I met HAssan Hilmy, and then I met him again at The Star Public Speaking Seminar. This debate took place at UIA.
FARIS as Government
Motion: THBT thou shalt not experiment on animals
verdict: FARIS lost, like, d-uh!

This is with TKC. The first time I met my dear Arina, and yeah, I met her again for the second time at HKSBP 2008
FARIS as Opposition
Motion: humour round! and at that time, MIrul was the only guy in the room, minus my dad, who was watching us at that time. The motion too seems pretty apt for Mirul:
THBT MAlaysian Men Need All The Help They Can Get
MIrul was really funny and he totally saed the day cos we won, unexpectedly

This is with RMC, the first time I met CLeophas, and he came for the HKSBP in SMSAH
FARIS as Opposition
Motion: THBT the government should not cap the number of subjects taken for SPM
verdict: FARIS lost, again, like, d-uh!
This was my first time debating, if I don't consider the friendly debate at MRSM PC as the first (at that time I was PM). This was also my first time as 3rd speaker.
It was one to remember because Teacher Rozy always reminds me of how bad I was then!

well, we went up against lots more schools, but unfortunately, these were the only ones available.

This post serves as an important memorabilia to me and posting is like, flipping thru an old album and retelling the story behind it.
it has been such pleasure-ceh, mcmla dh abs career kite


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