Friday, June 06, 2008

Outta My Mind

These are some more pictures from my debate escapades, haha, most of them are just for fun:

This year's BM n BI team, one big happy and MUiz with matching clothes

Gambar2 org2 kuat makan..

with SBPI SElandar at SOgo

Kir and Ann KAy
sape lg kuat makan?

I was the one with highest food expense at that table at that time
RM 8.50

next is the gambar2 meja bsepah..

kesian kat SYTRA, the school that we're sharing the quarantine room (SMSAH Mappes) with..

dahsyatnye.apa nak jadi dgn anak dara x reti berkemas ni..

ni the peserta tag

these are the good times we had when we painted the Alor Setar town red in Pekan Rabu

tried my hand at bowling, look at the scores!

This is the picture of future Top Models, taken at the SMSAH school compound

FARIS wins big at the award night, attended by the KEdah SUltan held at Dewan WAwasan, Kubang PAsu

we bagged two trophies! one for best overall and best academic performance. way to go! the one in red batik is our school's PK HEM- Cikgu Abdullah, or more affectonately known as..Mr. DOl

sign, sealed, delivered- you're mine!

what a night to remember. Even our recently ex-principal Wan HAmzah came. Thank you so much!

lastly is our TUan Rumah (SMSAH)'s english debate team, but this one we took at UIA, so its not their main line-up except Azia and Adlina

Thanks so much, guys!

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