Monday, June 02, 2008

Time Rolls Around ON Its Hundred..Feet?

Okay, that's a weird title to start off with!
well, I've had my politic streak some time ago
and my poetics
and what not
and now..syiwang??

please no, that is totally out of the question. I just took a look at my pal's blog, frankerism..he wrote about SBP which struck me to write a post about it too.

sad to say, it has been fun, but also sad since every year, HKSBP seems to mark the end of the career for sbp debaters at school levella, I mean, who knows, maybe they'd comntinue at university, but it certainly won't be the same, especially the memories.

this year's weirdest and most annoying p.o.i. award goes to SAKTI. It totally ticks me off when the speakers are like, trying to get my attention by saying "p.o.i., cutie". God, that is like, so..overrated! and not to mention, yuck and a violation of privacy? ok, that's too much, but nobody calls me cute except my 'authorised personnels' only!

haha, Faris is..ok..this year.
two wins, the other against lahad datu, but we lost wit TKC.
only due to under performance.

better lucknext year, then.

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