Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hot and Cold

"You're hot and you're cold
you're yes then you're no
you're in then you're out
you're up then you're down"

-Hot n' Cold, Katy Perry-

Ever get that feeling when you're coming down with fever?
Your head feels red-hot like a branding iron, but your feet are literally popsickles by then.

this is my hundredth post anniversary, and I don't really have an idea what to blog about.
Tomorrow's the last day of school before I go back, aww, mann...

Right now, I'm so totally infected with youtube addiction..aiyya
Currently listening in to Katy Perry

This is what happens when you do homework in front of the computer

The first 5 minutes: "look, Ma. I'm doin' my homework."

The next minute: clattering away on the what i'm doing now. This picture was taken at exactly 10 minutes befor I am here in this seat, right at this very moment.

Then, Mama would come and say, "I told you so"



aRiFF hAFIZi said...

whoA.. lookin' u finishin' up da hmwrk.. rminds me dat I HAVEN'T do MY NOTES!! even A BIT of it.. ARHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

aRiFF hAFIZi said...

I bet wut u'r doin' is mod-math... aaarhhhhhhhhhhh, really mad wif my tc.. imagine 2-3 chapter in a month!!
giler.. klaz ak x phm satu pn amende dye ajar... klaz laen bru openin' statistic.. kitorg dh khatam dh oii buku teks mod-mad... tpi, x phm pn.. we finish everyhin' if i'm not mistaken 2 months ago.. i bet her 1st plan is finish everythin' b4 mid-yr but den x smpt.. so lanjutkn satu bln gi.. hahahaha.... my head is dh start pusing2...

tulips said...

ni lah turbo...
depan pc pun boleh buat homework..

frankie Foo™ said...

haha! makcik,tengok tu! anak makcik is not doing her homework! she's on the PC! PIAPP!" hehe~

day_artmaster said...

yeah,da same thing goes to many of us..
wat can i say from ur work is..
it was forgiven kot..