Thursday, August 14, 2008

Inter-class Debate 2008

after being dormant, my new post sounds a bit report-ish since I'll be reporting on the recent inter-class debate, organised by 'yours truly'.
In short, it went on from the 27th until Aug 2nd, in conjunction with English Week. The finals was held on the 8th at the SAc.
All in all, I was satisfied because it actually worked out despite everything. Pity I didn't have a camera to do any recording at that time.
at least, I can say that there is actually still hope for next year's debate team.

here's what went out through out the debate:

I can't really recall in detail, but basically, the motions for each debate were as follows...

Round 1: THBT Beauty Is Better Than Brains
Round 2: THBT Fast Food Should Not Be Banned
Round 3: THBT Girls Should Play Football
Round 4: THBT Hand phones Are Better Than Computers
Round 5: THBT Homework Should Be Reduced

THBT Reality TV Shows Must Be Banned

In the finals, it was 1 Lambda as Gov and 1 Beta as Opp.

Even though Lambda had a track record of 4/4 wins, against the odds, 1 Beta showed a more consistent performance than 1 Lambda on that day.

Okay, so the participation was only among Form 1 students, but you'll have to forsake the ill-spirit of Faris..(sigh)


aRiFF hAFIZi said...

to be honest laa.. I'm so amazed if there's kelantanese dat able to speak in English.. back in my skwl, ther's hardly any1 from kltn speak dat lang... dey r sayin' bout slang n oddness... i dig into da history our skwl english deb8rs.. huishh, no1 come from klntn.. i'm da 1st debater from kltn in the history!! hahahaha.. but it's true hardly any1 could speak in english in klntn.. hardly.. unless da parentz do speaks...

aRiFF hAFIZi said...

really dont understands da attitude of timuran...