Thursday, October 02, 2008

Our Song

This is my Raya picture from Raya Day One, me in pink..harhar
This was at my Datuk's house.
On the second day of Raya:
1. I woke up late, 8.45 am.
2. did my Physics homework
3. dressed up pink, again!
4. went to KLCC to finish the damned RM 70 voucher at Parkson
5. bought Stephanie Meyer's Twilight.
Oh, nothing much really, and then I went internet surfing, as usual..and I found out that blogs are the 'in' thing for BADAR or Badan Dakwah dan Kerohanian, or at my school, Badan Pelajar Islam (BPI). The thing is, when utilising the WorldWide Web, there is more coverage, and it is a lot more 'cool' since you can add graphics and stuff. More people are getting 'online' and to encourage an intellectual culture, we can set-up websites such as these.
Fellow Farisians, we should totally get one!
Here are some BADAR websites that I visited:
Check 'em out.

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