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Adam and Eve

Alright. Deep breath. I've finally finished reading this book, no I'm not going to give out any details, because, there wasn't much of it to start with. I read this book, honestly, with mixed emotions, like what Edward Cullen would feel for his love interest, Bella.

First of all, it was..simple..too simple..yet so complicated to get through.. The pace was excruciatingly slow to get through, and there was no change of scenery, making it dull, as Bella thought it was; and most of all, it lacked the dynamics, the action. Only after the Cullens were introduced did it get interesting.

The fun was supposed to be in the psychological twist, the c0mplexity of the emotions. Sadly, I felt that the novel didn't build me up to that point. It only 'implies' that Edward was dangerous, merely 'skimming the surface', and not actually 'scratching' it enough.

The lead characters did a lot of staring into each others' eyes, and it started to get monotonous from there because it was very repetitious, in that sense.

I know, the book got a good review, but I'm not attempting to defame a 'good book', it's just an expression of a personal opinion, I'm not forcing this down anyone's throat.

However, from the sneak peek offered at the back of the book of the second installment, New Moon, sounds more promising.

Anyway, about the mixed emotions thing with this book was that when I knew that Robert Pattinson was playing as Edward in the movie, my first thought was, "oh God, Cedric is hitting on Hermione," no offense, for that matter, and then, Beauty and the Beast came to my mind when Bella tried to 'tame' Edward from their first encounter. Lastly, it all came down to "okay, they're not much different from a couple who is just so crazy for each other." Okay, then again, I pictured a lion having an affair with his dinner, an innocent-looking spindly-legged gazelle who came straight to the lion's den without him having to hunt her(male lions are lazy, see, don't believe me, go back and watch some Discovery Channel.) and lies next to him in his hug. And when he bears his teeth just about to swallow her, ready to pounce any second,(and 'relishing' her scent, at the same time), she gazes endearingly into his eyes. Her soft, brown eyes, every bit melting and arresting, and he stops, midway, confused. Incapable of thought, frozen in place, and it has been going on like that throughout the book, the impossible love, that animal longing...okay, that's just sick, weird and wrong!!! I don't mean it that way, though, it's just a disturbing thought I had throughout the novel, which made the read very..uncomfortable.

I believe that every guy is Edward, although their looks may not measure up to his beautiful features; and every girl is Bella, so madly in love that they walk straight into the arms of Danger. She knows pretty well to stay away, but she can't. Yep, it is confirmed. Love makes us do stupid things, sometimes totally oblivious to the fact that our loved one obviously spells a death trap for us, even if we are aware of that fact.

Okay, that's a bit pessimistic, like Bella on her first day in Forks.


fatma nadia said…
where u got this book?
i cari kat kelantan xjmpa lg..
kat popular bookstore ada x?
hazman baharom said…
Just a shortcoming to your blog, hmm..quite interesting, keep up your good work, may ALLAH bless you!~
fatma nadia said…
is it that good?
because now I've lost count on people who's obsessed over it. I've heard people saying that book it good so many freaking times. haha :P
now, you're one of the twilighters!

i tgk dia punye review and robert pattinson is looking fine !
i missed him when he died in GOB , haha . good to see he's moved on to other things . well done robert :)
aRiFF hAFIZi said…
oh man, kamilah!! dis book is great!! i still hvent finish it but yeah definitely it is superb!!

ak skrg nie bru smpai kt chapter "confession"...

tpi 1st chapter, 1st sight...
boring gler arr..
(ak bce lompat2 daa.. hahaahaha)

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