Sunday, November 30, 2008

Down and Out.

Quick update:
1. Just came back from a tiring wedding reception, my uncle's
2. I was the photographer, I took pictures with my dad's Canon 50D, but the pictures sucked compared to yesterday's. I don't feel like uploading any pictures yet. i hate waiting.
3. I have successfully completed a few of my tasks, but there are stil a lot that I haven't done yet. That includes the preface acquisition, studying for my Arab exam, my BM and SEJ homework.. and lots more
4. I have not been training for golf.
5. I was also a 'short-lived' photographer for Laila's concert.
6. I am a week away from St. John Camp

Well, this is a random one, another blog about my life, it has been a long while that I had been blogging on my thoughts on important issues, but I have to be 'in the mood' for that sort of thing.

Early this year I reviewed on Di Hadapan Pulau and the Anthology. So, I've recently finished PGT, Putera Gunung Tahan, I know, another school text, but apart from Twilight, that was all that I have read for this school holiday. I've also read Kerusi, and I have yet to read The Pearl. this holiday is a torcher, I came home via flight and some of my things have been left at school and I haven't been able to study nor do my homework properly because I haven't acquired the Form Five textbooks, and for the sake of doing my BM assignment, I bought the BM texts, and that was all. The synopsis is currently in the typing process. I take a break by typing this review. (yak,yak,yak)

Basically, PGT and Kerusi is dry and hard to get through, well, Twilight was, and no, I have not seen the movie. PGT deals with patriotic issues, and despite all the 'teachings' and messages conveyed through this book, I still see it as a mere fairytale and I read it with the thought of the miniscule impact it has on today's ungrateful Malay generation, although it must have been one of the hits back in the colonial days, I hope.

Since, PGT textbook is a student's revised copy, some inappropriate parts have been removed by the ministry, but that just leaves the story hanging, and there was a wrong 'feel' to it, like the short story Looking For A Rain God in English 1119 this year.

In Anak Laut, the short stories had a very 'sekolah rendah feel' to it, whereas the ones in Kerusi were a bit more complex, save for a few that I don't really quite like reading because it felt cliche'd. However, I liked A. Samad Said's Di Sisi Rinda and Sebutir Pasir Di Kaki, although Sebutir Pasir was like a typical Malay drama scenario, but both short stories were, erm, strong?
Aku, Kris dan Kristal was a tad reminiscient of Aku Anak Timur.

I don't really get the traditional prose and poetry even since my PMR days, but in Kerusi, it was the most difficult for me. I had a headache reading it, honestly. Sajak is okay, but I couldn't understand Duhai Penafsir.

I love Puteri Hang Li Po and especially Kerusi, itself. Well, I guess that many girls must have liked Puteri Hang Li Po, because there was a love theme, and it was, perhaps, the longest play taught in the school syllabus. Kerusi is absolutely brilliant, portraying the duel and greed for power. however, I could not understand the Jangan Bunuh Rama-Rama one, but it does sound interesting and I feel compelled to uncover the symbolics behind the play.

That's about it, for now.

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