Saturday, December 06, 2008

Another Teen Flick

yeah, you've read the title. This is a rather 'old' one, I guess. It was from 1999, but entertaining enough, although it may not be that awesome.
I would rate this movie as an 'okay'. What draws my attention this movie was particularly because it was satirical and critical of the highschool and political scenario.
Basically, it's a good social study of "how far a person would go for their own personal gains."
I'm not sure if any school in Malaysia has been practicing campaigning for the student body president, but as far as it goes, these things still happen even without the campaigning programs.
People will always be people. It applies for any human being at any time, anywhere on this planet. Some would go at all cost to eliminate competition in order to win. Competition is not about upgrading yourself to be ahead of your game, but it is about crushing other people on your way to the top. Sounds diabolical?
This movie includes all that backstabbing and scandals and secret affairs. Haha, just try to view this as an analogy of hmm... many things. Be it the student government at your very own school, or the even the bona fide Government, for that matter. Everything seems to fall right into place.

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