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ICC 08

I have survived a whole week's camp from 10th to 16th December! Yaay for me!
The first thought I had of the place I was going to was a place surrounded by 40 metre-tall trees with lots of moss covering the ground, basically a description of a dense jungle in the middle of no where. Haha, well, I was wrong, it wasn't that bad, apart from the fact that there wasn't any water at the classroom block where I was staying.
The St. John Ambulance International Cadet Camp was held in conjunction with SJAM's centennial anniversary. There were five foreign countries: New Zealand, Zambia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka. There were 12 Malaysian states participating (the ones excluded were Sarawak and Perlis). Kelantan was suppose to send participants, but the JPN encountered financial problems regarding the transportation. Well, I decided to go for it anyway.

Day 1 was..hmm..boring..lots of waiting around, and then it rained in the afternoon. At night we did some ice-breaking, literally!

Day 2 was also boring.. the Opening Ceremony, I mean. Most of us got sunburned and the speech from the menteri whats-her-post's speech was very boring and loooonngg..I was keeping count of the times she mentioned the word 'actually' in one sentence. Moral of the story: all ministers should know how to speak in English properly. I mean, you don't have to use all the fancy-schmansy words as long as you are able to convey the message to the audience effectively, which of course that particular Malay minister failed to do. I like Dr. Low Bin Tick's speech, despite the minor grammatical errors. Then, in the afternoon, my group: Red 3, which consisted of all Malaysians and one Singaporean and one New Zealander, did water rafting. It was so fun!! I want to do it again!

Day 3 we did obstacle course. I managed to remain unscathed, thank God. In the afternoon was jungle trekking. It was okay, but we didn't manage to reach the waterfall..hmm.. At night we had to do group performance.

Day 4 was Ving Chun (Southern Chinese Kung Fu) lessons in the morning and Flying Fox in the afternoon. At night was the local cultural performance. I saw a lot of Chinese dressed up in Malay costumes. There were also lots of Chinese culture performance. Selangor did RnB and break-dancing.

Day 5 was the National Review and City Tour. At night was the Camp Fire and International Cultural Performances.

Day 6 was the International First Aid Competition with New Zealand as 2nd runner-up, Singapore as 1st runner-up and Hong Kong as the champ. In the afternoon was the Closing Ceremony, it was a lot better than the Opening Ceremony. In the Gathering Night, everyone was supposed to wear costumes, but most turn up in t-shirts and pants. They all danced all night long until 1 a.m. Honestly, there was a lot of dancing in this camp.

Day 7, well, here I am.
Here's some of the pics:

My ID card along with the 100-year badge souvenir that I bought.

Some of the stuff I got.
Hahaha, the token from Hong Kong. Can I keep it?

This is the camp site (Kem Temasya Rimba Templer. PLKN training ground) on the last day. Lucky that I don't have to stay in any of those tents. Boys only. Their tents and belongings were soaked because it rained every day.

The flying fox apparatus thingie. I thought I was gonna die of my fear of heights, but it was nothing, actually. As long as I'm 'dijamin selamat', I'm going for it again!

The only two 'Kelantanese' who went for the camp. See the bus at the back? This picture was taken on the last day, and we're going back to Kelantan on that bus.........nah! Just kidding.

My group, Red 3: Thunderbolt!

Gathered at Dataran Merdeka for the National Review. There's nothing much going on, just some VIP's coming to watch the St. John Cadets from all the Malaysian states march.

The Kelantan marching team from SMK Panglima Raja. Dammit! The JPN could get transportation for these people but not the Kelantan ICC participants??

"Oh when the Saints go marching in..oh when the Saints go marching in.."

Well, those are some of the pictures I took from Dataran Merdeka. I got bored and went walking around. Next is the city tour. First we went to Berjaya Times Square for lunch. There's nothing much at Times Square. Damn boring. Expect the usuals from any shopping complex and 'lepak-ing' venues in Malaysia. Next, we went to the Istana Negara. Just stood outside for a short while before it started to rain.
That's the view at the Istana gate. Then, we headed for the Tugu Negara, but since it rained, I could merely 'peep' at the Tugu from the bus window because nobody got down the bus due to the heavy rain. We then headed for KL Tower. Still nothing much. We weren't allowed at the observation sector. To wrap up the tour, we went to KLCC. Pretty much, same old, same old.

That night was International Cultural Night. Hong Kong and Singapore did Chinese dances, as expected. The Sri Lankans did an Indian dance. Zambia didn't perform. The New Zealanders did the 'Hakka'.

This was on the final night of the costume party. Hong Kong handed out tokens to all the countries and all the participating states. I went up for Kelantan since we don't have an officer with us.

This was taken on the morning of the First Aid Competition. This dude is Sherm from Zambia. The one and only participant from his country.

This is the Sri Lankan officer.

This is Jin Yan, the Singaporean girl from my group.

The two Singaporean girls are Dina and Sabila.

The Hong Kong dude in red's not from my group, but he's so adorable.

This is Tessa, the New Zealander from my group.

The Malays are from Terengganu. There are three New Zealanders and two 'Kelantanese' in this picture.

The final group picture on the last day..awww...
Well, it has been a memorable one.


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