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These are some of my 'emo' poems that I wrote last year. I've unearthed them from the big mess that I made when excavating my closet in an effort to rid it of old skeletons, nah..just exaggerating!
I find myself laughing my head off reading these spontaneous and random rhymes. They're kind of gory and well, CORNY! Honestly, I am not proud of them, I did better, but just for the sake of old times, I'll grudgingly post it before I lose them again in the ocean of old papers and junk spread across my parquet floor.

Music: We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands by The Academy Is...
Mood: Dazed

The Deepest Cut Is The One In My Chest

Tear my heart, shred my soul
When you tell me you will go
Look me in the eyes
and tell me how bad I have cried

Take the high road out of town
because this system's going down
Dear, won't you face me
Forget all the calamity

I don't want you away
I plead you to stay
Just listen to what I've to say

I'm sorry for all the tears
I'm sorry for all the blood
I'll wash them till they're gone
I'm sorry for all the pain, my dear
It hurts me like it should
I've been guilty all along

My bones rattle in my grave
If my sins you have not forgave

Don't you know all your blames
Seem to burn me into flames
It bites my insides like a knife
It's shattering my life

Tell me how much I've been torchered
Tell me how much I have suffered
This is what I feel
When this cancer has revealed
My remorse I can't conceal
This agony is real
The wounds shall never heal
This is what I feel

When I hear you say the last farewell

Woww..I can make a rap out of this..

The next one is kind of like a song for foolish teenage girls. I guess it's my perspective on teenage girls who allow their boyfriends to take advantage of their chastity. It may not be as witty as Avril's Sk8r Boi lyrics, but it sure is good for a laugh!

Shoulda Known Better

I shoulda known better not to let you inside
I shoulda known better not to kiss you good night
What could I have been thinking at that time?
That I forever I would be yours and you'd be mine?

I shoulda known better 'bout which path to take
I shoulda known better not to get home late
What the hell was I thinking back then?
That I was your woman, and you, my man?

Oh, was I such a fool
I shoulda known better that you'd treat me cruel

It's not your fault
I'm falling apart
It's not your fault
That I was blind from the start
You have nothing to be blamed for
I shoulda known you were rotten to the core

Hear my hollow soul weep of you
Of a tragic love that could never be true
Oh, I am but a foolish fool
I shoulda known better that you'd treat me cruel

I can feel myself decay
Disintegrating into the clay
The reckless escapade cost me my life
Into my heart you thrusted your knife

Oh, I am but a fool
I shoulda known better that you'd treat me cruel.

Now I'm imagining the guys from Whose Line Is It Anyway belting out a crazy tune to go with these zany rhymes. I'm doubled over with tears and laughter!


Frankie Foo™ said…
Kam,u noe what?
you wud made a gud poet taw!
the poems R nice. :)

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