Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Well, I know, I'm cheating.
The exact date for this post was 17th December, I just figured out that I could adjust the post date and time.
So, anyway, I've been walking around my house(as if there was anywhere interesting to go to) and have been taking pictures of stuff around the house, mostly stuff that clutters the house. The pictures aren't that terrific because the lighting at my house is very poor. Yes, I admit, I live in a 'cave'.
These are the pictures of some of the curious things I find around the house. Not exactly 'curious', but for the fun of boredom-killing..

This is the collection of pharmaceutical products on the dressing table. I arranged it so it looks pretty for the camera, otherwise it would be lying around scattered, waiting for its owners to use it the next morning.

Next is the collection of little bottles of perfume. The beautiful box was from my father's trip to India, years ago..

Guess what this key is for? A secret passage in my house? nah! It's the key to my Papa's collection of watches that constantly need winding up to work. The watches are beautiful, expensive and off limits! That's why they're kept safely locked. The picture is not featured here because the incomplete watch collection drives me insane looking at the picture.. (a slight symptom of OCD perhaps?)

Now guess what this is..It's a watch winder to..wind watches?
This is the collection of my Papa's books. This is the religious reading section. I have, like, a mini library at home. There are like shelves at almost every walls of the house filled with books.

Some more books.

These are some of mine.

I used to collect manga, now they wind up in my bro's room.

These are some of the board games that we play when we get bored.

My bro's collection of toys and action figures all lined up on the shelves of books.

This is one of the computers in my house. this is the slow one that sits outside of my room.

This is the newer computer that sits in my parents' room. The two things the computers have in common is the desk where the computer perches on are both messy, cluttered and in a state of total disarray.

This is my lil' bro, Farid-Kamil. He loves playing with my handphone.

From our spice rack


This is my bro's painting.

Then, in the living room I found old pictures. These are pictures of little me, but now I am no longer that cute, innocent little girl.

God, I looked like Widad.
Then, my siblings and I took some fake 'ghost pictures'. They're really easy to make.

In this one you can see a BOL (Ball Of Light) that was reputed to be trace of the spectre's energy trail, or a form of communication or whatever it is. The explanation is really simple: my house is so dusty that the dust particles in the air can reflect light from the camera flash. There's lots more, but I'll just show you some of it.

This is my bro doing a 'disappearing act'. Haha.

Well, that's about it for now. Killing time with a bit of fun. huhuuhuuu..


fatma nadia said...

nice post.
it's totally about your life ^_^

syaza said...

nice blog dude..
lyke 2 read it..
i'll try 2 upd8 mine too..

M.U.I.Z said...

Kam. .
I juz wanna see ur cute bro n sis. .
huhu. cute gler!