Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I, Robot

The previous post was an intro to my newest project, a humble sci-fi novella that I have yet to name.

It's basically about a robot fugitive who has a bomb nestled in her chest. She escaped the FaPets factory to prevent the bomb from being detonated by the people from the organisation that brought her to life, but there was actually more to the detonating bomb than meets the eye.

Then, she meets Dorian 'Dork' Flannigan, the biggest geek on earth at Hazelnut High. It was an accident that she found her way to his dad's garden. Now, she's hiding in Dorian's garage and impersonates Jenna Yates, the girl who went missing at that area.

That's about all that I can tell you, I'm still cooking up the rest of the story. I doubt that I will have much time next year (counting down in t-minus 6 1/2 hours from now), but probably I'll continue after my SPM. That's when I'll get a story blog and start typing the story furiously. I sure can't wait for that.

In the mean time, it's back to Faris for me. Guess what?
"I'll Be Back".

You Can't Play On Broken Strings

I looked at her with questioning eyes.
"Where do you think that path leads to?"
"I don't know. We'll have to follow it until we know where it goes," she said, matter-of-factly.
"Have you heard of the fear of the unknown?"
Then she looked at me with questioning eyes.
"I have a problem with that, we all do."
Scratch that. My dear friend wouldn't understand. She was an emotionless robot.

I found her in my dad's garden one night, awkwardly flung headfirst into my dad's patch of rhododendrons that he loved so much. Yeah, he killed me for it. At that time, she looked no where near to how she looked like today- the hottest babe in school, although she's not a real babe.

She came from the robot manufacturing line FaPets. I haven't the foggiest idea what that is or the reason why she came looking for help from me. I have to admit, I am a geek. I can spend hours on the computer, sitting on my butt and stare unblinkingly to the monitor screen. This has resulted in a pizza-faced, blood-shot eyed hunched back monster of a teen standing beside the girl with a Beyonce build, both having their gaze fixed on the cobblestone path in front of them. The path seemed to lead from the school compound into the gloomy slums. The buildings ahead weren't tall, but they seem to block out the sunlight with the clothes hanging from the makeshift clothes line by the flats.

There was one thing stopping us, the iron gates that keep us locked from the outside world, but they seemed to be opened now. so, the only thing stopping us was my guilty conscience. It was a deadly sin at my school to sneak out during school hours, I could get suspended.

My friend's curiosity seemed to get the better of her, and there's no way she's dragging me into this. One moment she stood at my side, and the next she was already past the gate.

"Come on!" She called, waving her hand, beckoning me to go with her.

I looked at my watch. Recess would be over in ten minutes. I should talk her out of this. I don't want her to get into trouble, not only with the teachers, but also with some strangers that could possibly kidnap her outside.

I marched to her side and firmly grasped her wrists. "Come on, we should go. Let's explore some other time, but first, you have to tell me more about yourself. Are you sent here to ruin my life?"

She stared at me with a blank expression, well, she always had a blank expresion, but this time, she doesn't seem to understand what I was saying. I sighed. "It's Physics class after this."

Her eyes twinkled in the sunlight. I was guessing that they muast have been made out of glass or some sort of synthetic material. I was surprised that she sighed as well.

"All right, but that's a promise. I am not here to ruin your life-"

Okay, she understood.

"You have to get me out of this town. You have to get me far away from here. I am a fugitive. If you can help me, I'll be out of your hair the sooner, the better. Can you comply to that?"

It was my turn to be in blank expression. "Yes."

Her amber ayes burned into mine as she explained, "Good, because...I have a bomb implanted inside of me. If those people find me, they'll detonate the bomb. As long as they can't find me, everyone will be safe."

She released me from her sharp gaze as she looked away. My heart was beating fast. I was stunned. As if on cue, the school bell rang signalling the end of recess.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


These are some of my 'emo' poems that I wrote last year. I've unearthed them from the big mess that I made when excavating my closet in an effort to rid it of old skeletons, nah..just exaggerating!
I find myself laughing my head off reading these spontaneous and random rhymes. They're kind of gory and well, CORNY! Honestly, I am not proud of them, I did better, but just for the sake of old times, I'll grudgingly post it before I lose them again in the ocean of old papers and junk spread across my parquet floor.

Music: We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands by The Academy Is...
Mood: Dazed

The Deepest Cut Is The One In My Chest

Tear my heart, shred my soul
When you tell me you will go
Look me in the eyes
and tell me how bad I have cried

Take the high road out of town
because this system's going down
Dear, won't you face me
Forget all the calamity

I don't want you away
I plead you to stay
Just listen to what I've to say

I'm sorry for all the tears
I'm sorry for all the blood
I'll wash them till they're gone
I'm sorry for all the pain, my dear
It hurts me like it should
I've been guilty all along

My bones rattle in my grave
If my sins you have not forgave

Don't you know all your blames
Seem to burn me into flames
It bites my insides like a knife
It's shattering my life

Tell me how much I've been torchered
Tell me how much I have suffered
This is what I feel
When this cancer has revealed
My remorse I can't conceal
This agony is real
The wounds shall never heal
This is what I feel

When I hear you say the last farewell

Woww..I can make a rap out of this..

The next one is kind of like a song for foolish teenage girls. I guess it's my perspective on teenage girls who allow their boyfriends to take advantage of their chastity. It may not be as witty as Avril's Sk8r Boi lyrics, but it sure is good for a laugh!

Shoulda Known Better

I shoulda known better not to let you inside
I shoulda known better not to kiss you good night
What could I have been thinking at that time?
That I forever I would be yours and you'd be mine?

I shoulda known better 'bout which path to take
I shoulda known better not to get home late
What the hell was I thinking back then?
That I was your woman, and you, my man?

Oh, was I such a fool
I shoulda known better that you'd treat me cruel

It's not your fault
I'm falling apart
It's not your fault
That I was blind from the start
You have nothing to be blamed for
I shoulda known you were rotten to the core

Hear my hollow soul weep of you
Of a tragic love that could never be true
Oh, I am but a foolish fool
I shoulda known better that you'd treat me cruel

I can feel myself decay
Disintegrating into the clay
The reckless escapade cost me my life
Into my heart you thrusted your knife

Oh, I am but a fool
I shoulda known better that you'd treat me cruel.

Now I'm imagining the guys from Whose Line Is It Anyway belting out a crazy tune to go with these zany rhymes. I'm doubled over with tears and laughter!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hey Moon

I'm counting my last miserable days of holiday before school begins again on 3rd Jan for me. I've still not finished my homework. I am now blogging approximately 10 minutes after I have roughly designed my version of SEMASA magazine cover. Yep, I am forever plagued by the weary worries of work, work, work. I suck at most things and after seeing the end product of my little 'effort', it makes me feel a hell lot worse. First of all, I did it with microsoft word, so that is why I can't show it to you (it's also very embarassing, if I did), like, what kind of idiot makes graphic work with microsoft word? That's right, me. Secondly, that is like, the farthest thing I'll ever get to being creative. Finally, it became a concrete evidence of my chronic symptom of pathetic self-pity, a manifestation of my low self-esteem. That disgusts me.

Okay, I'm going to do a recap of 2008, since I don't think there'll be anything else for me in this last two weeks at home.

This holiday, I have been:
1. Doing my homework, but still halfway finished.
2. watching lots of TV, especially HBO and AFC.
3. not studying.
4. not practicing for golf.
5. taking pictures of hideous quality for my uncle's wedding reception with a DSLR camera
6. to ICC, although there were good things and bad things, I sure won't forget it.
7. reading Twilight, boring.
8. under complete house arrest.
9. my house was under attacj by mosquitoes
10. the stupid telco wouldn't lift my call barrings despite paying the bills, so I couldn't use my phone all cuti!

Throughout this year, I have:
1. played another year of bad golf.
2. joined The Star public Speaking competition on 8th MArch, came home empty-handed.
3. UIA and HKSBP debate was enjoyable this year.
4. been screwing my grades.
5. won the HKSBP Public Speaking Competition.
6. Lost to MARA and Maher at the QIT Public Speaking Competition as a retirement present to my public speaking career.
7. failed my Bank Negara interview.
8. Finally got the golf club to 'move' a little, just a little. Went for one golf practice and one golf clinic organised by MGA. Met Uncle Tony at that time, but yeah, my shots sucked.
9. another controversy in the bag, hoping that I'd get fired from prefect one day. It's not my world, sorry. It's too politic-ky in its own sense.
10. Organised English Week, well, I guess the inter-class debate was all right, but I couldn't say the same for the other activities.
11. gone to HK Arab. I have been in and out of class that so often.
12. This year, the school had a lot of visits from other schools, so the prefects have to get out of class for discussions and such. Shamefully, I admit, I did ran away from a few of those obligations.
13. I got a 'B' for English 1119 Cambridge assessment, although overall I got 'A'. This goes to prove that I write crappy essays now.
14. I doubt my innovation project will get me anywhere. It's 'terbengkalai' now.

I know, it's a bit gloomy to end the year, and I'm totally unprepared for next year, as it has always been throughout the years, but this is the most unprepared I have ever felt. My SPM's coming up next year and I have'nt the foggiest idea where I am heading to. All I that I have ever set in my head is to get richer than Pa..that's about it.

I'm not sure I could imagine where I'll exactly be in 5 year's time. I'm scared, honestly speaking, I am anxious, but I just can't wait to get it over with. Start anew, with hopes that I won't mess up like I did this year. Gawsh, that sounds a bit depressing and emoish. I should really learn how to count my blessings-laa..

Next year, I'll be:
1. trying my best for SEMASA, everything is so haphazard as it is. I'll be working my ass off too.
2. ending my school golf career. Not to say that I won't play any more, but after this, only when I'm confident enough with my game will I join any other future competitions. I will not be forced into one. (I'm only doing it for college, nothing more. If I didn't think about my future, I wouldn't be doing it, probably that's why I didn't enjoy golf as much as I did in my early years in golf, plus, I am alone in that game. I was lucky that the golf club did 'get on the move', even though just slightly this year. It's good to play golf with friends, not with competitors. Call me a chicken all you want! I really want that joy in playing golf back.)
3. praying that KOT and prefects will not tie me down.
4. having the best debate year yet, I hope.
5. Strive for SPM, I've got lots to catch up.

After SPM..well, that's another story, but maybe I'll get my driving licence, join essay competitions, revive my public speaking career, praying that I don't get PLKN, learn to be a profesional photographer, apply for scholarships, get a part time job perhaps? (no, not as a cashier or canteen worker or personal assistant or toilet cleaner or anything!) get a story blog, TV marathon, or go to Singapore..? Okay, that's a bit too far, lets not get too ambitious shall we? well, lets just leave it at that. I'll go back to thinking what I'll do after SPM after I get through it. Still a lot of work to be done. *sigh*

Okay, the end.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This post was taken from

About jannah, paradise, heaven, syurga..

from Dr Aini Afifah binti Abdul Karim

When Mu'min will enter into Jannah, it will be announced

1. You will remain healthy forever, disease will never come.
2. You will remain alive for ever, death will never come.
3. You will remain in bounties which will never be finished.

Jannat is made with Bricks of Gold and Silver. Its cement is of perfumed Musk. Its chips are pearls and Yaqoot. Its sand is Zafraan.

There are eight doors ofJannah.
These are eight grades of Jannat
1. Jannatul Mava
2. Darul Maqaam
3. Darul Salaam
4. Darul Khuld
5. Jannat-ul-Adan
6. Jannat-ul-Naeem
7. Jannat-ul-Kasif
8. Jannat-ul-Firdous

Food of Jannah
They will eat foods and fruits continuously up to 40 years.
Every bowl will have a new taste. They will take eructation which will digest the food and there will be perfumed sweating for the digestion of water. There will be no urine and stool.

There will be gardens in Jannah. Every garden will have the length of about 100 year's journey. The shadow of these gardens will be very dense. Their plants will be free of thorns.
The size of their leaves will be equal to ears of elephants. Their fruits will be hanging in rows.

Jannatul Mava is in the lowest, Jannat-ul-Adan is the middle & Jannat-ul- Firdous is on the highest.

Those who love each other for the sake of Allah will get a pillar of Yaqoot, On which there will be seventy thousand (70,000) rooms. These will shine for the residents of Jannah as the sun shines for the residents of Duniya. There will be rooms in Jannah in such a way that every room will have seventy thousand (70,000) dinning sheets. On every dinning sheet 70,000 types of foods will be served. For their service 80,000 young boys will be moving around looking like beautiful scattered pearls.

One bunch of dates will be equal to the length of 12 arms. The size of a date will be equal to the big pitcher. These will be whiter than milk, sweeter than honey and softer than butter and free Of seeds. The stem of these plants will be made up of gold and silver.

There will also be gardens of grapes. The bunches of grapes will be very big. The size of a single grape will be equal to a big pitcher.

Someone asked, ya Rasulullah (Sallalahu Alaihi wasallam): will it be sufficient for me and my family. It was answered, it will be sufficient for you and your whole tribe.

The Dresses of Jannah
The dress of Jannah will be very beautiful. One will wear 70 dresses at a time. These will be very fine, delicate, weightless, having different colors. These dresses will be so fine that the body even the heart will be visible.
And the waves of love in the hearts will also be visible.

These dresses will never become old, never be dirty and will never tear.

There will be four canals in every Jannah.
1. Water
2. Milk
3. Honey
4. Sharabun Tahoora.

There will also be three fountains in Jannah:
1. Kafoor
2. Zanjabeel
3. Tasneem

Qualities of People of Jannah:

In Jannah, height of every Mo 'min, will be equal to the height of Hazrat Adam (Alaihissalaam) 60 arms (90 feet).

Beauty will be like that of Hazrat Yousuf (Alaihissalaam)

Age of youth will be like that of Hazrat Esa (Alaihissalaam) 30-33 years)

Sweetness of voice will be like that of Hazrat Dawud (Alaihissalaam)

Tolerance will be like that of Hazrat Yaqoob (Alaihissalaam)

Patience will be like that of Hazrat Ayyub (Alaihissalaam)

Habits will be like that of Sayyaduna Muhammad (Sallalahu alaihi wasallam)

NOTE: If a person makes Du'a for Jannah three times, Jannah requests to Allah that ‘O, Allah; make his entry into Jannah’.

And if a person makes Du'a for safety from Jahannum three times, The Jahannnum requests to Allah that, ‘O, Allah; save him from Jahannum’.

Do feel free to link this post or copy and paste this post and spread this wonderful message towards all our brothers and sisters.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ICC 08

I have survived a whole week's camp from 10th to 16th December! Yaay for me!
The first thought I had of the place I was going to was a place surrounded by 40 metre-tall trees with lots of moss covering the ground, basically a description of a dense jungle in the middle of no where. Haha, well, I was wrong, it wasn't that bad, apart from the fact that there wasn't any water at the classroom block where I was staying.
The St. John Ambulance International Cadet Camp was held in conjunction with SJAM's centennial anniversary. There were five foreign countries: New Zealand, Zambia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka. There were 12 Malaysian states participating (the ones excluded were Sarawak and Perlis). Kelantan was suppose to send participants, but the JPN encountered financial problems regarding the transportation. Well, I decided to go for it anyway.

Day 1 was..hmm..boring..lots of waiting around, and then it rained in the afternoon. At night we did some ice-breaking, literally!

Day 2 was also boring.. the Opening Ceremony, I mean. Most of us got sunburned and the speech from the menteri whats-her-post's speech was very boring and loooonngg..I was keeping count of the times she mentioned the word 'actually' in one sentence. Moral of the story: all ministers should know how to speak in English properly. I mean, you don't have to use all the fancy-schmansy words as long as you are able to convey the message to the audience effectively, which of course that particular Malay minister failed to do. I like Dr. Low Bin Tick's speech, despite the minor grammatical errors. Then, in the afternoon, my group: Red 3, which consisted of all Malaysians and one Singaporean and one New Zealander, did water rafting. It was so fun!! I want to do it again!

Day 3 we did obstacle course. I managed to remain unscathed, thank God. In the afternoon was jungle trekking. It was okay, but we didn't manage to reach the waterfall..hmm.. At night we had to do group performance.

Day 4 was Ving Chun (Southern Chinese Kung Fu) lessons in the morning and Flying Fox in the afternoon. At night was the local cultural performance. I saw a lot of Chinese dressed up in Malay costumes. There were also lots of Chinese culture performance. Selangor did RnB and break-dancing.

Day 5 was the National Review and City Tour. At night was the Camp Fire and International Cultural Performances.

Day 6 was the International First Aid Competition with New Zealand as 2nd runner-up, Singapore as 1st runner-up and Hong Kong as the champ. In the afternoon was the Closing Ceremony, it was a lot better than the Opening Ceremony. In the Gathering Night, everyone was supposed to wear costumes, but most turn up in t-shirts and pants. They all danced all night long until 1 a.m. Honestly, there was a lot of dancing in this camp.

Day 7, well, here I am.
Here's some of the pics:

My ID card along with the 100-year badge souvenir that I bought.

Some of the stuff I got.
Hahaha, the token from Hong Kong. Can I keep it?

This is the camp site (Kem Temasya Rimba Templer. PLKN training ground) on the last day. Lucky that I don't have to stay in any of those tents. Boys only. Their tents and belongings were soaked because it rained every day.

The flying fox apparatus thingie. I thought I was gonna die of my fear of heights, but it was nothing, actually. As long as I'm 'dijamin selamat', I'm going for it again!

The only two 'Kelantanese' who went for the camp. See the bus at the back? This picture was taken on the last day, and we're going back to Kelantan on that bus.........nah! Just kidding.

My group, Red 3: Thunderbolt!

Gathered at Dataran Merdeka for the National Review. There's nothing much going on, just some VIP's coming to watch the St. John Cadets from all the Malaysian states march.

The Kelantan marching team from SMK Panglima Raja. Dammit! The JPN could get transportation for these people but not the Kelantan ICC participants??

"Oh when the Saints go marching in..oh when the Saints go marching in.."

Well, those are some of the pictures I took from Dataran Merdeka. I got bored and went walking around. Next is the city tour. First we went to Berjaya Times Square for lunch. There's nothing much at Times Square. Damn boring. Expect the usuals from any shopping complex and 'lepak-ing' venues in Malaysia. Next, we went to the Istana Negara. Just stood outside for a short while before it started to rain.
That's the view at the Istana gate. Then, we headed for the Tugu Negara, but since it rained, I could merely 'peep' at the Tugu from the bus window because nobody got down the bus due to the heavy rain. We then headed for KL Tower. Still nothing much. We weren't allowed at the observation sector. To wrap up the tour, we went to KLCC. Pretty much, same old, same old.

That night was International Cultural Night. Hong Kong and Singapore did Chinese dances, as expected. The Sri Lankans did an Indian dance. Zambia didn't perform. The New Zealanders did the 'Hakka'.

This was on the final night of the costume party. Hong Kong handed out tokens to all the countries and all the participating states. I went up for Kelantan since we don't have an officer with us.

This was taken on the morning of the First Aid Competition. This dude is Sherm from Zambia. The one and only participant from his country.

This is the Sri Lankan officer.

This is Jin Yan, the Singaporean girl from my group.

The two Singaporean girls are Dina and Sabila.

The Hong Kong dude in red's not from my group, but he's so adorable.

This is Tessa, the New Zealander from my group.

The Malays are from Terengganu. There are three New Zealanders and two 'Kelantanese' in this picture.

The final group picture on the last day..awww...
Well, it has been a memorable one.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Well, I know, I'm cheating.
The exact date for this post was 17th December, I just figured out that I could adjust the post date and time.
So, anyway, I've been walking around my house(as if there was anywhere interesting to go to) and have been taking pictures of stuff around the house, mostly stuff that clutters the house. The pictures aren't that terrific because the lighting at my house is very poor. Yes, I admit, I live in a 'cave'.
These are the pictures of some of the curious things I find around the house. Not exactly 'curious', but for the fun of boredom-killing..

This is the collection of pharmaceutical products on the dressing table. I arranged it so it looks pretty for the camera, otherwise it would be lying around scattered, waiting for its owners to use it the next morning.

Next is the collection of little bottles of perfume. The beautiful box was from my father's trip to India, years ago..

Guess what this key is for? A secret passage in my house? nah! It's the key to my Papa's collection of watches that constantly need winding up to work. The watches are beautiful, expensive and off limits! That's why they're kept safely locked. The picture is not featured here because the incomplete watch collection drives me insane looking at the picture.. (a slight symptom of OCD perhaps?)

Now guess what this is..It's a watch winder to..wind watches?
This is the collection of my Papa's books. This is the religious reading section. I have, like, a mini library at home. There are like shelves at almost every walls of the house filled with books.

Some more books.

These are some of mine.

I used to collect manga, now they wind up in my bro's room.

These are some of the board games that we play when we get bored.

My bro's collection of toys and action figures all lined up on the shelves of books.

This is one of the computers in my house. this is the slow one that sits outside of my room.

This is the newer computer that sits in my parents' room. The two things the computers have in common is the desk where the computer perches on are both messy, cluttered and in a state of total disarray.

This is my lil' bro, Farid-Kamil. He loves playing with my handphone.

From our spice rack


This is my bro's painting.

Then, in the living room I found old pictures. These are pictures of little me, but now I am no longer that cute, innocent little girl.

God, I looked like Widad.
Then, my siblings and I took some fake 'ghost pictures'. They're really easy to make.

In this one you can see a BOL (Ball Of Light) that was reputed to be trace of the spectre's energy trail, or a form of communication or whatever it is. The explanation is really simple: my house is so dusty that the dust particles in the air can reflect light from the camera flash. There's lots more, but I'll just show you some of it.

This is my bro doing a 'disappearing act'. Haha.

Well, that's about it for now. Killing time with a bit of fun. huhuuhuuu..