Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pointless Monologues

Pointless monologues
that's what they are
merely pointless monologues


Ignorance walks in many forms

Wealth struts down the lane in his cashmere coat
swaggering of his fortune and wine,
with Poverty begging at his feet
licking dirt from his boots

Greed sits behind the mahogany desk
strewn with cash and bank checks,
profit from robbery
while Gratitude meekly sweeps his floors
picking at his crumbs

Cruelty laughs in the face of death
shooting the stars
with collosal bazookas
when Mercy cries for justice
with a broken arm in one hand

Pointless monologues,
that's what they are, just pointless monologues

p/s: sorry, Zah. I was inspired by your blog title.

1 comment:

AbEsA said...

assalamualaikum kam, atau apa sahajalah nama saudari...

saja menjengah, mingguan malaysia 2 feb puisi saya tersiar lagi.