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Haha, another self-indulging night of blogging? Darn, why is it so hard for me to resist the temptation? Its like an inexplicable craving in the time of need for 'blurbs' (does this term even exist?) and such. I was thinking of the title for my yet to update story. What do you think about 'Bombshell'?

Well, anyway, here's the first novel I've read to kick start the year. Another one of Syakir's. The second chick lit book from him after The Devil Wears Prada.

The first few chapters seemed strikingly promising, and the whole novel was absolutely witty with humorous descriptions, going overboard in typical chick litty exaggeration and melodrama (what's that suppose to mean?), especially when it came to doing the karaoke, and checking out guys.

It was entertaining, the plot was fast-paced in the beginning, but when it came closer to opening the last letter, the pace slowed down a notch, until it came to a point when I felt dull going over the repetition of sequence of events. The Daniel- Holly thing, yeah, I saw it coming, obviously. Why do stories define love as something so..predictable?

I liked the idea that Gerry wrote letters for Holly to be read after he died. Some of them were short and witty, to the extent that I was curious to hear more from him. I expected a longer letter in the last one, but well, it came up short of my expectations, literally.

Overall, it is an 'okay' read I guess, if I had to compare it to Twilight, I'd rather prefer this one. Frankly speaking, Twilight sucks. P.S. is a more 'chicken soup for the soul' style with the untrimmed cussing thrown in.

However, I do find some of the parts quite silly, and somewhat under-developed (is that how it's spelled?) and predictable.

I am not sure what kind of novel that I enjoy nowadays, I seem that very much pernickety (I think I've read this word in one of Enid Blyton's books, and I think that's how it is spelled, yep I got a B3 on my grammar for my English proficiency test, so my confidence is slightly affected).

Well, 2009 is a long way to go (although it may pass very fast!), there is still more room for more reviews...and homework revision..ahahahaaaa


nadia jaejoong said…
owh b3 ok wat...
kinda good...
n im totally felt jealous whem in opened yur blog n started to read it...ahhhh...i flt like mg english is sucks...hehehe...

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