Friday, January 23, 2009

Scavenger II

Hi, all. Welcome to the second series of my scavenging.

Location: SMSTMFP compounds, covering dormitories, classes, toilets, etc., etc. no premise is spared from my photo-snapping. There were lots more pictures taken within these few weeks, but here are some of them.

my trusty calculator, handy in solving add maths problems and maths. Although due to my carelessness, I always keyed in the wrong numbers and result with the wrong answers.

Guess what's on my table. Maths, or add maths?

An exhibition of determination.

Inspired by Twilight? nah..this was a random one.

Not forgetting the lil' critters found..

A baby frog in mid-jump. I had a tough time photographing this one as it kept running away, and it had a good camouflage against the ground.

I found this cute one the day when we were washing the floors of the dormitory.

I don't know what the heck this creature is, it looks like some kind of butterfly.

Now, where did this come from?

The new renovated toilet, but no water!

Now, lets go inside the prefects' dorm..
The bulging tiled floor.

The aftermath.

Cute slippers.

These are mine.

For Biology class, studying a cow's heart.

End of transmission. More to come later.

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Abdi Syukur said...

take more pictures inside the girl's dormitories la. i've never been in there and i am hoping for something grand...hahahaah