Friday, September 25, 2009


My search for the shock-absorbing camera cover is to no avail, so, henceforth, I will not bring my Lumix to school for fear of mechanical damage and theft. (Although I do have a lot of thnigs to document in the last few days of School).

I watched 17 Again, it was a great movie, the theme was exactly what I was wondering about all this while, you know, the chance to go back and do it all over again. (If you read my previous post, you'll know what I'm talking about. The feeling of leaving behind the good days and thinking that if only you could experience it all over again later in the future because looking at your yearbook and simply reminiscing the good times is not enough for you).

Hate to burst the bubble. Of course, life doesn't work that way, so enjoy it while you can. Not to say that I am an avid supporter of hedonisme, no! Yeah, we should have fun, but not the kind of out of control wild party kind of fun, maybe if you just feel happy living your life, it would be a lot more fun living your life a day at a time without having to worry about.."damn! I'm gonna miss this", because there is always a 'kesinambungan' to your happiness. Is that how optimism works?

Teacher Mai always tells me to cheer up because I look so glum, well, people have been telling me that since I was, like, eight?

I know I'm a serious person, I'm not a social butterfly, but do I actually look miserable? Haha, rhetorical question.

Why wallow myself in self-pity and apathy when there's nothing to be emo-ish about? I bet I'm supposed to be a lot happier than some of those kids some where across the globe.

Being happy and carefree is not laziness. Just because I didn't do my homework doesn't mean that I'm lazy. I'm just trying to be happy. =]

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