Thursday, December 17, 2009


Okay, a few reminders so that I don't stall the engine again.

1. When coming to a temporary stop, press the brake gently, then on the clutch, only then fully brake.

2. If the handbrake is used, to move again, press the clutch fully, get in gear, give signal. Press a little on the accelerator, release clutch halfway and hold, then release handbrake. Release clutch a bit more, and go on with the accelerator.

3. To change gears, slow down, not stop, then press the clutch fully, change gears, and release clutch.

4. Must I remind myself, that the left foot is not always on the clutch, it's on the clutch only to change gears, coming to a stop and using low gear.

well, today, I did better turning, a few mishaps did happen, I wasn't good yet at braking properly, a few times the engine stalled, and when I panicked, I nearly ran into a few cars. Oh yeah, I drove myself home, with help from the instructor of course.

At the simpang empat with the traffic lights near carrefour, my engine stalled, good thing nothing bad happened, I was starting to panic.

oh yeah, and before braking, always check to see if there were people behind you, and when turning, always check if there were any cars coming. Use the sideview mirror to see if you makan jalan or not.

I didn't practice at the circuit since it was closed, so we just went around Section 5, naik turun bukit. Okay, that's about that for today. End of lesson two.

All in all, I have to.... relax...

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