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I'd like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly

one heck of a long post title, I've run out of creative juice anyway. the title is part of the chorus of Owl City's Fireflies.

I've finally cleared my closet, you would not believe how much junk has accumulated over the years. I've got too many clothes, not really nice ones, but most of them were hand-me-downs, school-related attire, event shirts which were way too big for me to wear. Loads of other junk. Being the sentimental fool that i am, i find it hard to throw away the little things, especially those tkens that people gave me. I've got loads of letters, from my mum ,from my friends.

I have yet to post pictures, there were too many of them.

Anyway, here's my to-do list:

1. tampal gigi, dah berlubang

2. cuci semua gambar dalam pen drive, takut hilang

3. prepare myself for the Sime Darby interview this 22nd Dec.

4. watch out for online scholarships

5. read up on biomedical engineering

6. isi borang PLKN ;)

7. buy new shirts! tak puas hati hari tu pergi carrefour the baju I wanted dah tak ada.

8. update lagi down memory lane, tapi macam dah malas lah.

when will I get myself to doing those things?

Another driving class tomorrow.


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