Monday, December 14, 2009


One of the few times we get to experience temporary 'parole' to get a breather, after weeks of homework and classes. Usual destinations: the red cybercafe or Pantai Timur in Pengkalan Chepa, or a walk around KB, the new Parkson recently opened, but it's nothing short of another lepak area, very similar to KB Mall, and a lot of creeps hanging about. I've rarely missed any outing chances, and during Cikgu Abdullah's time, asking for outing is very common among students, even if it was just for no reason, I do it a few times, yeah, I know, that's like 'salah guna' kelebihan, but well, that was then, way back in 2005, 2006. In Form Five and Form Four, I didn't even dare volunteer to go outing to buy stuff for any special events, may it be for class decorations, or for KOT, for that matter, although I was forced to go outing once for KOT.

The usual attire would be the blue batik, the get-up that most of our students loathe because it was, I guess, kind of ugly and dorky looking, but to me, it was due to the fact that even though we ironed the batik, it still looked wrinkled and it easily tears, I've had three batiks. The first one was missing the skirt because some one stole it when I hung it to dry on the clothes line when I was in Form One, The Second one had a hole in the pocket, I can't remember if it had holes anywhere else, but it was 'disintegrating' all the same. The third one seemed to last from Form Three to Form Five. Yeah, and they cost about RM 75, I think, for the girls.

Can you imagine that the school administration once banned the students from bringing back packs when they go outing? Do you know for what reason? well, it's to prevent the boys from stripping off their batiks and stuffing it into their bags, and go outing in casual wear. Since there were no rule books, so the rule was kind of on and off most of the time, when it seemed a burden, they'd call it off, but when someone goes against the grain, the rule is applied again, and the cycle goes on, a typical scenario.

Our curfew is at 6, but sometimes, we get in a bit late. We used to have the outimg pass for a while, but in the end, it just died out, I don't know why. well, for one thing, some people lose it, and some don't even bother submitting it to the security guards before they leave, and due to the lack of cooperation, it was considered inconvenient.

During Ramadan month, most of us would just head for the bazaar at Pantai Timur PC. Splurge on the food: roti tempayan, apam balik, murtabak, soy, laici kang, kebab, ikan bakar...ohhh...yumm...the sensations make my mouth water.

Here are some of the pictures from my last outing, not exactly the last, but the last one with Muja, Amy and Hanani, taken at KFC KB.


Anonymous said...

jgn lupa, u ade jugk kluar outing utk berchating. . dgn aku pun ade kann? so, mane gambarnya??
- imranmuiz. .

Nana said...

itu tarak gmbr le..huhuh..x bnyk pngmbr dpt amik di hari2 akhir kt faris, kamera rosak