Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Nothing much going on, I just finished my first driving class.

My God, I was so tense and kalut at the steering wheels, the way that I was so uptight in holding the golf club, you know, my grip is going to kill a bird if I had one in my hands. Someone, teach me how to relax.

I keep forgetting the sequence to a proper stop: clutch, brake, free gear, handbrake, release both feet.

Moving again: clutch, gear, release handbrake, releasing the clutch slowly and gently so that I don't stall the engine, which happened a few times today towards the end, because I've just about had it with the clutch.

But to comfort myself, at least, it was better than the first time, I didn't hit the curb much today, well because the instructor prevented me from doing so, but at least there were times when I did good, only after that, it was back to square one, and I'm like "AHHHH!!! what the h*ll is wrong with you?? It's a simple thing! You can study Physics and all that, but you can't do a simple thing like this??" at myself.

Self-reminder, if you brake without the clutch, it stalls the engine, and if you want to move, release the brake first! When stopping, feet do the work first, then the hands.

Well, I wish I could do my own practising in an arcade car or whatever to get the hang of the steering wheels, it's either I don't move my hands, or fingers, or I fumble. What's with the panic attacks? It's nothing for God sakes. Calm down!

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